Monday, June 2, 2008

Let's Talk About A Water Heater

Let me just tell you about the fun we had this weekend. I ordered a tank less hot water heater because ours is leaking. We have a propane hot water heater and we wanted to turn the space into a pantry. The water heater cost 1050.00 with tax. We went ahead and ordered it. It came in on Thursday, Mikie picked it up on Friday. When I got home that afternoon I began reading the manual. On the front in a box it says do not put in a manufactured home. Yes we have a triple wide mobile home that's not so mobile. It has a bricked foundation. So Saturday morning no one is up but Zack and I. I call the manufacture about the not not to put in a manufactured home, they said defiantly do not. We took it back to the hardware store and bought a regular propane hot water heater for about 375.00. They were out of stock. We dropped by my moms house to call around to see if Lowe's or Home Depot had any. We went to Home Depot first, they had one and it was 389.00. Lowe's said they have a few so we went over there. The stores are about a mile apart here. Turned out they did not have any. We went back to Home Depot. The guy had to get it off of the top shelf and he looked like he was scared of heights. We opened it up and sure enough it said that it could not be put in a manufactured home. So I call around for prices of water heaters that go into manufactured homes. Home depot was the cheapest, so I go over there on my lunch break, about 15 min drive. The guy had looked up the wrong one and it was gonna be around 655.00. Brigham's Hardware, where I bought the first one was 603.00. The owner is also the town Judge. So this afternoon when I called the owner is out until Wednesday. The guy I talked to was not sure about the combustion. I informed him I will do more research and find what I need and call him back. Doesn't it sound like fun.

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tina said...

We had to replace ours not long ago. What a pain. Thought of tankless, but no time and for convenience in went a conventional one. Good luck.