Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Test Results And Options

I went to the doc today to find out about my thyroid. I have the multiple nodules and he sent me to the ears, nose and throat(ENT) doctor for an appointment today. Went to the ENT doctor he recommended putting me on a low dose of medicine and watch in for at least 6 months. If it grows any they will do other things like take it out, kill it off, or biopsy it. I opt for the taking it out myself. But we will wait the 6 months and see. My mom's was chopped up and looked at, they have determined that it definitely was not cancer. So that is a plus.

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Anonymous said...

Hello from a West Tennessian! :o}
Just wanted to offer hugs on the thyroid issue. My mom did have thyroid cancer. Thankfully, everything turned out great. The meds weren't so bad.. just occasional trips for bloodwork.

Hope for continued good news!