Friday, May 15, 2009


This is a road close to Mikie's work, I'm not sure if they have shut this one down or not yet. See the hole, goes all the way through. This is the same road as above. It moved the pavement and tucked it under another part. Look at the big chunks of pavement it moved.
This is the road on the way to Mikie's work, the reason he has to get up at 4 in the morning to go all the way around it. They do have it closed and are temporarily fixing it.

Same road as above. It is really washed out underneath. It was falling in as we watched.

This one is our driveway. I called our insurance and we do not have flood insurance in the entire county. We will have to find a way to pay to have it fixed properly. We were holding out until they finished the road. but I guess it will have to be done sooner now.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mothers Day

Sorry for not posting I have been so busy at work. I hardly have time to do my work much less anything else.

I wanted to remember what Christopher did for me for mothers day this year. He fixed me breakfast in bed. Now remember he is only six. My husband had to work Sunday morning, because of the flooding here. Christopher woke up before me and fixed me a plate of toast and choclate covered strawberry's. Mikie had made the strawberries on Friday. Christopher brought the plate into the bedroom and put it on my stomach. Scared me to death, I was sleeping good. He couldn't make toast. The toaster was not plugged up, he doesn't need to be using it anyway. So he put bread on my plate but it was so cute and sweet. He also made me a car that morning and had made a photo frame for a picture they took at school.

Roo gave me a mothers day present too. He slept til 8:30 that morning.

I hope to get some pics up of the roads close to Mikies work. They were flooded bad Saturday morning and no one could get there. We went out there in the afternoon and looked around.

We shopped around Saturday for our moms. We got my mom a porch swing. It is what she wanted and hers broke a while back ago. We even put it together. Mikies mom we got her a outdoor fire pit. She said she had been wanting on. I cant wait to try the chocolate marshmallows she has for it. For my granny I had worked on something for a while now. I gave her a MP3 player with the bible on it for her to listen to. I have some SD cards to put in it to that I will put other books on them for her. I didn't have it ready by Saturday when we went to visit her so I took it at lunch today. She really liked it. She is in a nursing home and it hurts her eyes to read a lot. So I thought this would be really good for her.
The pics above were taken at my granny's with my aunts new camera. She bought herself Nikon D60.