Monday, July 28, 2008

Swimming With The Frogs?

We finally got into our pool Saturday night. It was already dark but Mikie, me and Christopher got in. With the frogs. I guess there were a few tadpoles we did not get out. The frogs were hanging out under the rail around the wall. They were making an awful lot of racket. I made Mikie fish them out with the net. He launched them into the yard. When I was mowing Sunday, I saw alot of the frogs in the yard hopping around. Sunday afternoon we all jumped in the pool. It was Zack's first time and he really enjoyed it. I started jumping Zack out and then in the water and he laughed so hard. Christopher had to get in on the action also, but I don't think it was as fun for him. We are excited that Christopher can touch the bottom now. This is the first year he can touch without going underwater. He is also scared to learn how to swim.
School starts on Friday. We are so not ready for it. He has a 1/2 day then goes for 1 or 2 days for the next two weeks. After that full time. He misses school, I guess he doesn't have enough stuff to keep him busy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time To Save Some Money

Have I told you how much I like the live traffic feed. If it says someone came to my site by using Google search then you can click on it and see what they searched for to find you. I wonder if it will work on my myspace page? I think I will find out. I also love the Blog List. I can just go to my blog and see who has update and read from the list down.
I also have a money saver tip. Especially if you have a baby eating baby food. I have saved the plastic containers from Zack's food. I have 4 oz. round one and 3.5 oz. rectangle ones. They make great jello containers. I have some jello stocked up, but if you buy a package of make it yourself jello it use to be .25 for a package. Maybe a tad more now, but better then buying the already make for you. I made some last week and it was really good. I know we are all in a pinch and trying to save a buck. You can also buy fresh food from the farmers market or someone on the side of the road. I picked up some huge bell peppers the other day for .50 a pepper. They are way more in the store and these were fresh. If you know any more tips please leave a comment!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Taking A Trip? Pool or Doctor Office.

We took Zack to the doctor yesterday. He has a spot on the back of his head that looked kinda like a carpet rub at first. But now it is cleared off and wet. It has been there for a while but didn't look like it does now until Sunday morning. The doctor seems to think it was a bug bite that is now infected. He wrote us up for some yummy antibiotics that Zack does not like at all. He has not had a fever, and he always wants to eat so all is good there. He weighed in at 19.6 lbs with clothes on.
I finally got the pool ready to swim in. Guess who was the first to get in. Mikie. He didn't want to mess with it and he is the first to swim in it, go figure. Tonight I will have to add some chemicals to it for the weekly dose.
Life is pretty much trucking on. Getting ready for my trip next week. No kids, No husbands except for the girl getting hitched, clothes shopping for school clothes for Christopher, and the scrapbook store. Shhh.. . Don't tell Mikie that we are going there. I am driving and my friend that's g0ing with me has never been so I get to decide where we are going. Seems every time I go, I go with someone else I have to go where they want to go. I have never been to the craft park (I think it is called) and so want to go there. My friend lives up past it so we will be visiting it next week.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can I Have That Coupon

Guess who cleaned the living room? Mikie did. Yahhh. I however on the other hand cleaned 2/3's of the pool last night. I left the gate open, Mikie's keys on the deck and the water running all night. He was really happy this morning when he saw it. My intentions when I came in the house was to get him to help me take the lid off so I could clean out the basket. Zack was still awake so that did not happen, I was wet and nasty smelling from the dead fish smelling water. If you know someone who wants to get a pool, send them to my house and I will let them take care of mine for a lil bit and they will change their mind about it. This had got to be the biggest waste of time and money there is to have at your house. The only reason I keep it is because it came with the house and I will have a big hole in the backyard if we take it out. I had to turn off the pool so everything in it could settle to the bottom so we could vacuum it out.
Did anyone see Inside Edition on Monday. They had a lady on there that went grocery shopping and bought 50.00 worth of stuff and paid 4 something for it. She uses coupons, from the paper, stores, and online plus finds stuff on sale to use the coupon with. I dug around and found and she helps you find all this stuff. She also lets you know the deals in the adds in the Sunday paper for your area so you can get your coupons ready for shopping. She says you can find coupons on manufactures websites. I have look at tide, Del Monte, and a couple other and did not find any, but I did sign up for the newsletters and for them to mail stuff to me. Whats more junk mail if you can save a buck or two. The trees you say, we are hurting the trees. They will make them up and send them to somebody, why not me.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Women's Work

This is so going to be a rant on my husband. Yesterday we stayed at his moms house cause we were there til late and I didn't want to wake the kids up and take them home. Sunday morning he and his dad went to Lowes and Walmart, we arrived at home at noon. He was tired and decided to take a nap(he did get up with Zack early). I started washing clothes and snaping my beans. He layed in the chair and napped. When Zack got Hungary he brung him to the kitchen and feed him, then left him with me. About the time Zack was fussy Mikie decided to go the to bedroom to take a nap. Zack was also ready for a nap so I had to sit with him in the living room and get him to sleep. After he fell asleep I went back to my beans, more clothes, and dishes. I washed my beans and blanched them then froze them. Then I moved on to Squash and Zucchini. I already had it frozen, I just need to bag it. By this time it was about 6:00 and I was ready to go to my moms and see if I could pick broccoli. It was way to wet to get in the garden. Mikie, Zack and I went to my Grandpas house to visit. Christopher went with my dad on the RTV to check out the corn situation on post. We all got back home at 8:30 and the kids went to bed. I however had a little more work in the kitchen to do.
Mikie called me today and said I was going to clean house. I work 50 hrs per week, with a commute of an hour a day. He works 40, with a commute of 30 minutes a day. He usually sits around while I have been putting up veggies the last week or so. Now I'm suppose to clean the rest of the house also. He use to help with the cleaning. I think he spent to much time with his dad this weekend. I told him he is nuts if he thinks I'm gonna work those hours and then come home do all the other stuff I have to do plus clean house. Tonight I have to Clean the pool. Maybe then we can get in it. I know for a fact he will not help with the pool.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

Starting Out For A Busy July

Let me recap from Friday. On Friday we went to one of Mikie's poker playing buddies house for the 4th. He is in the army and had some other army buddies there. What better way to spend the 4th than with soldiers especially Special forces. He had spent 3 thousand on fireworks. Zack really loved seeing the fireworks. Christopher got to do some sparklers and poppers he also had a good time. We had a good laugh when Mikie broke a chair and fell out in the floor.
For Saturday I with my friends all day long to shop for a bridesmaid dress for Margaret. She is going to the the maid of honor for Amy's wedding. The wedding will take place in Gatlinburg on the 31st of this month. Margaret and I will be going without our husbands. Margaret is hard to please for dress shopping, we finally found a nice dress even she liked at Kohl's. We also found some shorts for 3 dollars. Mikie installed my shelves for the pantry.
Sunday we cleaned up the house some, filled up the pantry, cleaned out the pool. We rescued a few hundred tadpoles, Christopher and I put them in a pond. Our pool is now blue. I will have to go and get some flock and make everything in the pool go to the bottom and then vacuum it out, so we will have clear water.
How do you clean a vacuum cleaner. Mine stinks, we had it in the house when the air was off. It had stuff in it, we did not think about it. I guess the dirt liquefied because it was wet when I cleaned it out. It is a Dyson so it does not have a bag. I have cleaned it with vinegar, and let it soak in vinegar yesterday and it still smells. I even sprayed it down with Lysol. I will put it back together this afternoon and see how it does.
Does anyone know how to freeze squash. I froze it last year with just cutting it in small slices and when I thawed it out it was mushy. This year I am trying different things with it. I am freezing a whole one not cut at all, a whole one cut on each end, some sliced that I freeze on a cookie sheet and then put them in a bag so they do not stick together, and some sliced with wax paper between them. I will also be freezing zucchini with squash and broccoli. Soon I will be pickling, and freezing corn. Summer is hard work around here.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Challenger Pictures

The new Challenger is out and about. We just got this on in and we had to get some glue off of it. Stands out doesn't it.