Friday, October 16, 2009

The Secret To Toddler Bedtime

Chris had soccer practice a couple of weeks ago, my husband takes him and I say home with Zack (Roo). He has a song that he makes us listen to when we go anywhere over and over. So I decided to make him a Cd to listen to while he sleeps. He already had baby Einstein he was listening to for almost two years. I put his favorite song as number one so when I start his Cd at bedtime he will get to hear it. For this first song it had to be Out Last Night by Kenny Chesney. Then so on to Chicken Fried, Small Town Girl, some Taylor Swift and Second Chance. He has a good variety of music he likes. I also had room for some kids songs. Now when he goes to bed he will run to his room and put his arms up for me to pick him up and be put in the crib. I put his Cd on repeat and he gladly goes to sleep.
I am about ready to change his bed to a toddler bed. I'm split between changing his bed or getting a toddler bed. I may see what kinds they have out there and go from there.