Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday My Roo Roo

My Roo turned 3 today. There is some things I just wanted to remember about being 2. He is such a sweet boy, he will get his "baby book" out and look at all the pictures. There are two with me and him, one has me kissing him and he thinks this is so sweet he gets a sweet voice and says "look my mommy is kissing me she loves me". About a week ago he was looking thru his book and Christopher and I were talking about when I was pregnant with him. About how big my tummy was when he was in there. I told him they had to cut him out (I had c-sections with both kids). He got all serious, looked at me and said "are you ok with that". It was so funny. I told him I guess so.
He comes and hugs us and wants to sit with us under the covers. He is still a good sleeper. Every now and then he will get up before us on the weekend and want to snuggle in the bed with us.

Christopher is in a Christmas program at school next month, he is really excited about it. He is really into his I-pod, he plays it all the time. Christopher still wants to sit with us alot, and hugs us. I'm sure that will not go on to much longer, he is getting older. He is now 8.