Tuesday, April 29, 2008

T-ball, Tents, And Shopping O My

We went to our T-ball game on Saturday. Cheryl and Mike came out with Ellard(not sure if its spelled right?). My mom even went with me. I mean she actually rode in the car with me and all day at that. It was kinda chilly but if the wind was not blowing it was warm. The Zackaroo had a good time also, he just loves it when everyone cheers. They won again, who would have thought. The other team we played this time was much better than the last.

This weekend was our Tax-free weekend for school supplies and clothes. We have these twice a year, you can get school supplies, clothes or computers tax free. We were in need of some socks for everyone so Christopher went with his Mam maw and me and my mom took Zack with us. I did buy Christopher some shorts outfits and Zack a couple of outfits. We went to K-mart, I am so tired of Walmart, we were strolling thru the store when I saw a giant tent. It is a 14x16 two room tent with huge windows. (looked it up its a vacation home tent). lol. there's a pic of it above.(it will not put it down here..hmmm..) We were thinking about getting a tent to go camping this summer. We wanted a tent more like this one instead of a dome tent. I use to go camping all the time and have owned lots of tents and like this style the best.
I just found out our friend got engaged this weekend. They way down in Florida, so sometime int the near future we will be heading that way. They want Christopher to be the ring bearer, and Phil's sister who is the same age a Christopher be the flower girl. That will be so cute. I just dread the 17 hr drive to get there. We were planing on taking a cruise next years spring break but now Kim and I were talking and we all decided we wont be able to afford it so we are thinking about going to Key West. So 2 trips to Florida in a year so much fun. We did not have a good vacation last time we went to Florida. No offence Chels just not my favorite place to go.
Almost forgot my birthday was April 20th. Mikies is May 3rd. So Happy Birthday Mikie. (he doesn't read this but still)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Gas prices good for laugh?

Anyone looking for something funny and about gas prices should check out this link: http://www.whitetrashmom.com/2008/04/index.html. White trash mom has found out what George bush knows about 4.00 gas prices. He hasn't a clue they are that high? So he says. I just saw a guy on Headline News talking about food prices and putting restaurants out of business because they have raised the prices on food and raised minimum wage also, putting restaurants out of business. I just keeps getting better and better. Not only that we cant afford to drive to a restaurant but we won't be able to eat there because a) the price is to high or b) they are closed down.
While we are on restaurants, my Sonic, I say my Sonic, but its the one closeted to my work, its pretty new been there a year or year and a half. Anyways I go there often for lunch and they never get my order right. I order cheese fries and they give me cheese tots or chili cheese fries. Today I ordered a salad (I do not recommend) with Italian dressing and they gave me ranch. It so sucks because this is the only place I can order a sprite with cranberry juice in it. If you have not tried it you must. And if you get to add a little Captain Morgan to it, it's even better. I made the discovery about the sprite and cranberry juice in the hospital after having Zack. I so could not go to the bathroom. My nurse made this for me after another nurse told her about it. It did do the trick. I do not like sprite or cranberry but together they are great.
Christopher had a game on Monday of course they won. I think they tell both teams that. But the other teams coach that did the pitching man he was way over the kids heads. I think if Christopher was on that team I would be telling him what I thought about that. We have another game tomorrow I'm sure it will loads of fun. It is cool to cheer them on to run to the bases. Mikie has to work tomorrow so he will not be there unless he gets off really early. His mom, dad and sister are suppose to be there so they will help out with keeping up with Christopher on bathroom breaks and watching the spitter (Zack).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It has been so very slow at work the last week and a half, I suppose we have nothing better to do than this:

These are in fact car salesmen trying to copy someone elses stunt at selling cars. If you like this kinda stuff and are interested in buying a car or truck let me know and I will hook you up!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Afternoon In The Life Of Us

I thought I would give you in site to our normal afternoon actives. Mikie gets off before 2:00. He picks up Christopher from school and then goes to daycare to get Zack. Mikie is such a people person he probably spends 30 mins or more each place he stops. They go home and usually take a nap until 5. I get off at 5 and I generally call and perhaps wake him up. Then its usual time for Zack's bottle. Yesterday he ate late and no one told me. Mikie then cooks super just in time for me to get home. Yesterday Zack was fussy while we ate and Mikie said he's probably hungry. I asked what time he ate and Mikie told me around 3:45. Mikie was not at daycare by then since it was a late day for him. So we had instant mashed potatoes for super and Mikie fixed Zack a bowl and he loved it, ate the whole thing. He has had potatoes before but only a little off of our fingers. Our days get all crazy when Christopher has t-ball practice like today. We don't get to eat on time because that is when we are at the ball park. I cannot eat late so I will stop by the house and make me a sandwich and they will eat when we get home.
The reason I cannot eat late is because I get heartburn if I do eat late, I take prevacid for it and I had to renew my script, when I called they wanted me to come in to see the doctor. I went to see him today, my doctor is a real people person and has great bedside manner he even told a joke. So he wanted me to get a blood screening for low iron to make sure I don't have a bleeding ulcer we don't know about. So while he is explaining that this is just to make sure cause he had a patient that had one and she felt perfectly fine, the went to the er. I then told him about a lymph node in my neck that was bigger than its suppose to be, he said not to worry about it. Had already had it checked a while ago but was looking at my neck and wanted to check my thyroid, he said it felt a tad bit bigger then it should be. So we have to do blood work for it also. There is a possibility of post pardom thyroid problem he said. I also need to have an ultra sound on it to check for nodules. This is what my mom is going thru now. She is having hers removed in the near future. She is at the doctors now to see about when to do it. Well I told my doc I also have a spot of skin under my arm that just hangs there. He called it a skin tag and said we should remove it. So I'm having that done tomorrow, a quick 10 minute thing. The ultra sound will be on Friday.
On another subject, Christopher is in pre-k at the school he will attend thru 5th grade. Yet we still have to attend kindergarten registration, go figure something else at night to do. I so don't like his teacher and I am very glad he only has a couple weeks left. She is so not a people person. she does not talk to anyone except maybe the kids. And its not for Christopher getting in trouble its more that we send in a book order with the money and she doesn't turn it in. Or I get a note saying that he owes a dollar for lunch when I paid that morning. They took group pics and we bought one and we received it yesterday and they didn't spell Christopher right. I could understand the last name but the first? Simple things that happen, she seems to be good with the kids thank goodness. I spelled Christopher wrong twice and the spell checker cought it, don't they use speel check?
We had base ball jamboree Saturday. It was cold, about 40 degrees. Zack and I sat in the car parked next to the fence and I would get out and video Christopher when he was involved. He did get the ball once and I was not out there taping it. I had to feed the Zackaroo.
O ya I have a couple of nickname for Zack one is Zackaroo and the other is Spitter. If you have ever watched Greek. There is a boy on there they call spitter. It's cute, we call him spitter because he spits up so much. Christopher never did at all, so its new territory for us.
Sorry for going on and on but I'm at work and we have nothing to do at all. We have like 4 cars this week to work on.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Passions and Yard Goodies

This is a rail road bridge near my work. Not sure why but I just wanna take pictures of it. When the water is to high they open it up for the barges to go thru. When I leave my work there is a great view of this bridg and I was tring to get that, but the trees were in the way.

These little flowers or I say weeds are all over my yard. They stay for about a month before we get real grass in this section of the yard. We have just shy of 2 acres to mow, the yard is broken up into 4 sections. We have a fence almost halfway between our house and the road, our driveway breaks up those to sections from the side yard, then we have the back yard which is really small due to the pool. I fear the pool may be no longer after we take off the cover and see what lies beneath. We tried to prop up the center of the cover so rain water would run off and all that fell in and we had poles in there so im sure they are thru the liner. Should be fun next month.
This below is my burning bush, I think it's so pretty until the japenese beetles come and eat it up. We use to have a bunch of the yellow blooming bushes, but we hated mowing around them, they were in a strait line beside this bush and you couldn't get the lawn mower between them. So we pulled them up.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bugging Stuff

I was behind a garbage truck earlier at lunch time. He was going down the road at a slow pace and papers were fling out everywhere. We pasted two cop cars and they didn't even stop. It was in the paper a while back ago that if someone found trash with your name on it they would fine you. Most of the papers were receipts so I'm sure there were names on them. Kinda funny you put your trash on the street in the can and have someone pick it up for them to scatterit all over. That just bothered me since we are having a city wide pick-up day Saturday. But we will be at T-ball games, we have 2 games Saturday at 10:00 and again at 11:00.
Our t-ball coach's wife does most of the paperwork and ordering stuff, yesterday she had our schedule for our games, but only had one copy. How do you just have one copy. Someone asked if they could take it home and make copies, she said it was the only one she had and wouldn't know what to do if it got lost. So the lady did not take it. I asked it she was gonna make copies for us and she said she would try but not sure if she would be able to. So I asked if I could take it and make copies for everyone and again she would be beside herself if it got lost. I went ahead and took the schedule and made copies and added it to my cell phone. I just don't understand why you wouldn't make copies for everyone. We have 10 players and mostly both parents are at practices. The video is so cute Christopher misses the first time he bats in it and falls down, then he hits it good and makes it to first base.

Practice Makes Perfect

These are from T-ball practice yesterday.

Christopher with his glove over his face walking around.
Zack watching practice.
Christopher and another boy picking flowers?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Bliss

We have had a problem with our door leaking. We decided to build a roof over the deck to deture the water from hitting the door altogether. Well, after some estimates for around 4 thousand and after Zack went to the hospital, we have to pay our deductible now. That deplets our funds for the roof. So yesterday the kids were at there mamaws and we decided, well I decided, to take apart the door. Before we b0ught the house it was a sliding glass door. They said they didnt like the fact you can break into the house easily so they replaced it with french doors. One door is stationary and the other opens. This is off our kitchen with is the main door we use to go in and out. The door has been leaking at the bottom and a little around the window. So I unscrewed the inside window pane and discovered that the glass is attached to the outside pane. Mike had worked Saturday night so he was sleeping and i woke him us so he could help me. The outside part was stuck pretty good to the door but we finally got it off. we cleaned the gooey caulking off the door and partialy off the window. We recaulked the door and the window and put it back in. Seems to be sealed pretty good. By that time it was time to go and get the kids. We got them and went to home depot to get a threshold and a part for the bottom of the door. We went ahead and bought a screen door, that will deture all water from the french door. Now why we didnt think about that first I'm not sure. We also picked up an unbrella for the table, it has led lights that are solar powered pretty cool and its a rectangle and was cheaper than the other regular unbrellas. We got a ceiling fan for Zacks room, thats the only room left without a ceiling fan in our house except for the dining room. And a new facuet for the kitchen sink that has a sprayer. The others had taken the sprayer out for a water purifier. Nice but I so mis my sprayer.


A- Attached or Single? Attached.
B- Best Friend? Mikie and Margaret
C- Cake or Pie? Cake. Chocolate Cake.
D- Day of Choice? Saturday.
E- Essential Item? chapstick
F- Favorite Color? green
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? Worms
H- Hometown? Indian Mound, TN
I- Indulgences? Chocolate
J- January or July? July.
K- Kids? Two. Christopher and Zack
L- Life isn’t complete without? Kids
M- Marriage Date? June 7 2003
N- Number of Brothers and Sisters? None. Just little old me.
O- Oranges or Apples? apples.
P- Phobia’s or Fears? dieing before my kids are grown
Q- Quote? “.
R- Reason to Smile? Zack is way better.
S- Season of Choice? late spring. after no more cold weather
T- Tag Six: everyone I know on here has already done this
U- Unknown fact about me? I wanted to be a farmer when I grew up but I think I'm to lazy to do it.
V- Vegetable? My favorite is corn and potatoes.
W- Worst Habit? biteing my fingernails.
X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound, Zack had x-rays last week and I had to hold him and it sucked
Y- Your favorite Food? Japanese
Z- Zodiac Sign? Aries, Taurus. I'm on the crest.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


T-ball practice and hospital pics

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Home at Last

We are home from the hospital now. Zack sounds so much better. He sounded like someone who is horse but that was when he breathed. They did some kind of EPI breathing treatment. It can mess with your heart so he only got a half a dose. After that they just gave him the xophern breathing treatment. They also had him sleep in an oxygen tent with a oxygen monitor on his toe(fun for this age). When Christopher was this age he was put in the hospital for 3 days with RSV. Zack had croup, so he is trying to follow his brothers footsteps.
Christopher did get to practice t-ball yesterday that's what he and Mikie were doing while I was at the doctors getting ready to go to the hospital. I have a couple of days off now(my boss is loving that we are terribly busy), but its not to fun to sit at home with a sick baby, altho he has not acted sick, he has played, talked, smiled and laughed. If you couldn't hear him you wouldn't know he was sick.


We are at the hospital with Zack, he was still wheezing yesterday when I took him to the doctor. The doc looked him over and after about an hour sent us to the hospital. I have broke away for a minute, something very important I had to do at work, something we have been working on for 6 months. He is better now and Mikie and his mom are with him at the moment so he's not alone when I left a few minutes ago he was sleeping. I will update when we get home, they are thinking he will go home this afternoon.