Monday, May 10, 2010


I just received an email about the flooding in Nashville, and another for the Opry Hotel. It is craziness. We have been to the Opry Hotel many, many time for Christmas, in fact Mikie stayed there just a few weeks ago for his friends bachelor party. Clarksville is just a few miles down river from Nashville got no media attention at all. This is the town in which I work, which is right next to the river.
We left early on Monday and didn't come in on Tuesday except for 1 person. We had someone who called and called about putting a decal on her car, she was upset there was no one there to do it. Finally they called in a guy just to sit at the body shop and answer the phone, there was no getting here unless you knew the very back way around. Most people wouldn't know how to get here that way, we were surrounded by water, they wouldn't let anyone in the parking lot. If I was here and answering the phone when that lady wanted to come and have something done I'd have told her come on down. It was 2 hour wait to get close to here even if you could go the back way.
School was out for the entire week in most of middle Tennessee. The days I did work I had to send Christopher to daycare. He really does not like to go, he says the other kids are mean. Really who watches these kids, do they send them to the gym and let them beat the crap out of each other. I so wish I had somewhere else to send him for the summer.