Thursday, June 26, 2008

A/C Update And More

It sure has been hot the last couple of days. huh. We should get our heat pump put in first of next week. He is coming out tomorrow to see if he can temporary fix it and to measure the house for the electric company. I will be so glad to be in my own house. It seems like all I do is work at my moms house. I guess cause there are so many to feed and then clean up after, plus washing clothes, bathing kids and picking the garden. One good thing about being at my moms, before Mikie would not touch squash. Now since we have fried squash every other day he loves it. He can't get enough of it. Fried zucchini is also good. Mikie's mom told us we could stay at her house but daycare is to far away. I told Mikie to tell her the real reason he wouldn't stay there, because she doesn't have any squash. haha.
It has been extremely busy at work this week. We have taken on another insurance company and it is lots of paperwork and looking at cars. Today I went to my grannies house at lunch and they called me to come back to work early because the guy over said insurance company wanted to let us know how we were doing. I got there he told me a couple of things about totaled out cars and then left. They say most body shops that pick up this insurance company do not do very good at first. He said we have done pretty good.

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