Monday, October 11, 2010

The Joys of Fall

I need to be writing, I should be writing. We are slow at my work now so I really don't have an excuse to not be writing.
My husband is now laid off, he is taking it badly. I would be better if it was a downsizing decision rather than the government just not hiring him on. They only hired people with military backgrounds to fill the positions, some of who have never done the job before in their life. His job went from being contracted out to being civil service. Which is suppose to be better unless you don't get a job. The way they have to apply is crazy. There is this web site that you have to fill out a resume on and nominate yourself for the job. If you do not have specific key words in your resume then you do not get selected for the first round hoops you have to jump thru, and he did not get selected based on these key words. He does start getting unemployment tomorrow, but it is way off from what we are use to making. There is a job opening where his mom works, but they take the money that would buy your insurance there and put it to your 401k account. We buy insurance where I work, thank goodness. So that puts him at making about the same as his unemployment pays. No wonder no one in this country wants to work, you can get the same amount of money sitting at home as you can working why on earth would you want to go out and do something for what you can get for free.

Christopher's Birthday was Saturday. We had a small party for him which turned out well. He got lots of Ben 10 stuff that he wanted and my old I pod touch. We also took a trip with our friends to Myrtle Beach. We had a good time didn't spend much money either. My husband stayed home so was just my friend, her son and niece along with my kids. We played on the beach and in the pool. Christopher spent the night of his birthday at his friends house. When I picked him up he cried. I kept pestering him for what was wrong. He finally told us that no one had touched him in any way(I so fear this), but that they yelled at each other most of the time that he was there. No one yelled at him but the family yelled at each other. We are involved with this family quite a bit. They are in our grade, same cub scout den, same soccer team so we see them all the time.

Zack is talking all the time saying such funny things. When we left the pool the first day he said it was all his fault while crying. We told him it was not all his fault, then he would say it is his fault. So sad but him saying it was funny. He gets that from his dad who wile we are arguing will say its ok it's all his fault being sarcastic.
I am ready for fall and fall pictures, I'm afraid we will not have many leaved left my this weekend. We have free tickets to the circus and then there is a fall fest at my grandmothers nursing home that we will be going to.