Friday, June 13, 2008

A Childs Cry

I can tell y'all this because y'all do not know the person. I have a friend with a little girl, the girl is 4 yrs old, she was raped by a 14 or 16 yr old boy.(sorry can't remember his age) The state and DHS office is not going to do anything about it. The DA told her they will catch him when he rapes someone else. They will eventually go to court because she is pressing the issue, but they said it may take 2 yrs and when he turns 18 it will be wiped from his record. The boy in question is related to the little girl and has been to jail already for multiple various crimes. A lawyer told her that with those and the rape they should have what they need to put him away longer or maybe try him as an adult. I am telling this because the family does not have the money for a lawyer. The lawyer she talked to said for a flat 1500.00 they would take it all the way to supreme court if need be. We are having a benefit yard sale on the weekend of the 21st. If anyone would like to donate items please let me know so I can get those things to them for the yard sale. I know there are some people close to Dover, TN that read my blog, we are urging you to help.
I feel strongly about this because I know her and what if nothing is done to the boy. What if he is at Walmart at the same time as someone else and is in the bathroom and a small child walks in there to use the bathroom, there is nothing stopping him from raping again.
This will also be in the paper this week. We have such a small community that we share a paper with the next county over and it only comes out once a week. I will talk to her about getting it in the Leaf Chronicle also.
The state is also suppose to provide therapy for the rape victim. They have not begun this either for the little girl. I don't get that we have a national sex offender registry (I know someone on it that did not get convicted nor did they commit the crime they have listed on there) but someone under the age of 18 is free to do what ever the heck they want to do.

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