Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gifts Of Christmas

We had lots of places to go Christmas Eve and Day. I had to work half a day for Christmas Eve. Then we went to my moms house. There The Kids both got a 4 wheeler. Christopher got a real one and Zack got one that is plastic. They both love them. Christopher flipped his on Sunday. He cried a little cause he hit his knee. He was not wearing a helmet. My mom also got him a bike helmet for the 4 wheeler. We were at Rural King and passed some motor cycle helmets so we went ahead and bought one, and told him he is not allowed on the 4 wheeler without it, no matter what granny and papaw say. Zack's has a push button that makes it go. He will only push it with his first finger instead of his thumb. He is so cute holding on with one hand and pushing the button with the other. He also keeps one foot on the floor.
The next morning we got up and opened our gifts and played with them a while. Santa brought a Nintendo DS & Space play set for Christopher and Roo (Zack) got a little couch and wagon. Each one loves their presents. Christopher will not put down the DS, and Zack loves to sit and lay on his couch. The couch has Elmo on it. I had to search and search for something other than cars or spider man. He is to little for either. The bonus is that the Elmo couch has a sleeping bag when you unfold it to lay on, the others did not.
Mikie's sister did not want to get out of the house to early and wanted to be at their moms around 11. We were eating by the time they arrived. We do a big breakfast there. It is a really nice break from all the holiday food. We unwrapped our presents, visited with the neighbors and then headed for my grannies.
We had reserved a room for all of us to be in. My mom and aunt brought the food, and I took a pie.
Zack had some explosive poops during this whole process. I know I had to change his clothes at least 3 times on Christmas day. His poor little butt was so red. We have been putting butt paste and triple antibiotic ointment on it since Saturday. It looks so much better now. I didn't have anything with us on Thursday.
I am gonna try to keep up with the nicknames as we go. Zack was spitter, then moved to spitball. Now we are kinda stuck on Roo. Christopher was Punkin,little,littles,punk,bump(ma maw's), and wittles. We don't nickname Christopher as much now.
Now to my Christmas gift, I got a Wii Fit. I have to say it is pretty cool. I did my Wii fit age that morning, it was only 1 year off. I can't say the same for Mikie or Christopher. I am trying to work on it every night. It will let you know when you skip a day. It also had a Christmas hat on on Christmas Day.
Is anyone looking at the Christmas sales. I have been looking for a tree, but at 50% off of 200 is still 100. I only paid like 30 for the tree we have now. It is around 5 or 6 years old now and I would like a new one. Maybe the trees will hang out until they are 75 to 80 % off.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

In The Dark

This morning I took the kids to Mikie's moms house so she could keep them for the next two days. This morning before I woke the kids the electric went off. I was brushing my teeth. I do this right before make up. I finished rinsing in the dark then proceeded to find the flash light with my cell phone. The cell phone is a great light. I had to get out the lanterns for the kids to see and to get Spitter ready. It was also 6 degrees outside. I woke Christopher up telling him we had no power and it was gonna get cold in our house quick. I started the car early, but it was not completely warm when we came out to it. The cell phone tower must be on our circuit because I had no bars either. We do not have a home phone. We use to but never used it. I had to wait until almost the big town to call Mikie. They did not have power at one of there ranges. My mom did not have power either. It did come back on about 6:20.
Spitter went to the doctor again today. He has been pulling at his ear. He has a double ear infection. The doctor e-scripted our prescription to the pharmacy. The pharmacy did not received it. I then called the doctors office back and they were all gone to lunch. Finally when they were back from lunch I called and they re did his prescription. Now they have it and Mikie is on his way to pick it up. Spitter has been feeling kinda bad this morning. But when he gets his meds I'm sure he will fell better.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Message From Santa

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Downlow On The Daycare Situation

Lets update on the daycare situation. After I posted on Friday, my babysitter called and told me about another lady not to far from her house that also watches kids. I called her Friday afternoon and talked to her until I had a customer. She seemed really nice on the phone and we made arrangements to meet later that night.
I went home and we got our food ready to sit down and eat and Zack threw up. He seemed like he choked on his mucus. He was fine and still ate super.
So we went to the Lady's house. Turns out she is married to my cousin, who I did not realize was my cousin. He lived down the road from me when I was little. They are really nice people and he talked to Mikie quite a bit. She is also a good talker, reads and scrapbooks. We went off on talking about this. Zack had a good time as they have 3 girls who help out when not in school. He got to play and dance with a life size Santa. She also has a little dog that was all dressed up in a fancy dress.
We stayed for two hours, talking and getting to know everyone. We felt really good about it when we left. I had prayed and prayed about the daycare situation before we found her(Ms. M). Afterword I thanked him.
Last night it sleeted and freezing rained, all night long. It was quite messy this morning. I did make it to daycare and work OK. The new daycare is straight up a hill. I'm not sure how that will work. She said she could meet me half way walking. I may just leave them at my mom's then. This is the first time it has done any snowing or icing before Christmas since like '94. That year we had 4 ice storms, the first one before Christmas.
Let me back up to the getting sick that Zack did on Friday night. He also got sick on Saturday eating lunch. I was thinking he was allergic to the cheese he ate. Then on Sunday when he woke up and I laid him down to change his diaper. On Monday at lunch time, from the mucus in his throat. As of yet he has not gotten sick today, thank goodness. He does feel fine other than a runny nose.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Elf Yourself

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Daycare Hell

Yesterday Mikie called just after picking up Zack from daycare. Our daycare lady has decided to go to work for another daycare that does not take babies. He also found out our friends knew about this since they pulled out there child at the first of the week. These are friends we are suppose to go to Florida with in March. She acted like it was not a big deal we were all loosing daycare. Our daycare lady is going to work for her best friend and she will be sending her son there and getting a discount from what she pays now. We on the other hand have no where else to go(no one in our town takes babies) except for the town where I work and pay upwards of 120per week. That is a big difference from the 75 per week we are paying now. That plus the fact it will be to far for Mikie to pick him up everyday and he will have to be in daycare from 6:30 to 5:30 every day. Right now he goes from 6:15 to 3:00. When Mikie gets off he picks up Christopher and then Zack from daycare.
This has dumbfounded me. Our daycare we attend now just remodeled a house with the intent of turning her old house into a daycare. She spend lots of money on the fire proof paint, inspections and all the other stuff to get ready and got certified. Then when she moved, she moved the daycare to her house and did not pursue getting more kids to fill up her daycare. Now instead she is taking a pay cut to go somewhere else.
I have asked my sister in law about baby sitting, she said she would keep him for what I pay now but only until the 1st of the year. Then she wants to get a job. Which from my stand point translates to she does not want to work or keep my kid. The last person I had to watch Zack told me she needed to find a job because her husband said she need to make more money, she has yet to even look for a job. I know this because she is my friend. That did not bother me at the time because I have our daycare now as back up and my friend is not a follow through kinda of person. I knew that from experience.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Check Up

Zack had his 12 month check up today. He weighed 22lbs and was 31 inches long.
We have a new doctor now. Our 1st doctor moved (starting with Christopher), our second doctor left for medical problems and then this one. I hope she stays. He does have an ear infection but he has not been bothered by it but she did give us some antibiotics for it. She also said we could give him some Zyrtec for his constant runny nose. I hope this will help. She seems to think he has a cold but it usually starts as a clear running nose then turns into a cold I think. Other than this ear infection he is in good health, they went ahead and gave him his shots.
Our next appointment is Tuesday with Vanderbilt. It is just a check up from his surgery. He looks to me like he is doing great from it.
They also make you fill out a survey. We also filled it out at 9 months. I'm guessing it for Autism. I think he is good there, he is a very social baby, and loved to play ball with someone else.