Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All About A Song

Have you ever heard a song that you like but just can not figure out who sings it? I have had this problem for the last week. So I was describing my problem to some guys at work and they told me that on my cell phone I have a music Id. You hold up your phone to the speaker of the song that you want to id is playing. It will listen and then tell you what song it is. I said you are crazy. There is no way it can do that. So they proved me wrong. It so works. Well since then I had not heard the song I was looking to hear. Of course not when you have found a way to find out who sings it. Then yesterday afternoon I was in my office by myself. The song came on on the PA system. I pulled a chair over to the speaker pushed the music id icon and held my phone up to the speaker while standing on the chair. It changed screens and told me it was analyzing it. It came back to tell me that the song was I'm In Love With A Girl by Gavin McGraw.
This is a great feature. You only get 3 for free, after that you have to pay per use or sign up for it by the month. It cost 6 something a month. Who has that many songs you need to know what they are a month? Crazy on the cost, good idea on the service.
Did you know you can check out Cd's at the library. I will have to see if they have the Gavin McGraw. I hope his other songs are as good as this one, may warrant me buying the CD.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Little Here, A Little There

My mom has brought it to my attention that I have not posted since Monday, so here goes.

I have not posted because I have been busy, busy at work and at home. At home I have been going thru Christophers toys, sorting, cleaning and moving stuff to Zack's room. I am hoping that tonight will be the last of it except for washing the clothes he had on his closet floor. Zack is becoming an escape artist. Mikie will put him down in the living room and he rushes to Christophers bedroom laughing the whole way. Last night I had Mikie go into the kitchen to get me something and he did it again. Mikie came back to the living room and he was gone. He had ventured his way to the bedroom again. I won't let him stay in there, there is to much he could put in his mouth. Mikie put him up on Christopher's bed and let him watch Sponge bob. He was really into it. I intend on getting a gate to put in the hallway as to keep him out of the bedrooms and the bathroom.

We did or rather I should say I moved Zack's bed down lower. Mikie put him to bed last night and said it was like the Grand Canyon. I don't even have it on the lowest level.

Did I tell ya ll I got some stuff to do pedicures. I gave Mikie one the week before last and Christopher one last week. I'll bet he is the only kindergartner who got a pedicure. If not I'm sure the only boy. Well Mikie finally returned the favor last night. He even painted my toes french manicure. I'm not saying its a great job but it is a start, he will learn.

Christopher and I put the solar cover on the pool the other night. It was really hard to get it on. Christopher was a big help with it. Since we put it on it has been cloudy, so I suppose we need to take it off because there really is no point to that, huh.

There will be a massive yard sale at Gary Mathews Motors (Dodge) on Saturday. I will be a part of the yard selling side. If you yard sale you should come out as it is suppose to be really big with most of the employees and there families participating.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Started To Crawl

Zack has been crawling since the 7th. He just this morning woke up and from laying down sat up. It is suck an exciting time for us to watch him start doing so much so quickly. We need to get on moving his crib down a notch or two.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Start Of The School Year

Christopher's first day of school was Thursday of last week. He really liked it and liked his teacher. We had an orientation Monday night. There was a parent with the teacher for-e-v-e-r. Her little girl sits right beside Christopher in class. We finally got to talk to the teacher and she is really nice and seems to be for the kids being kids. I have heard differently. But I will wait and form my own opinion. She is a military wife and seems to get along with Mikie really well. Back to the little girls mom. I found out later that she is a mean mom. Like if your child bumps into her child she will hunt down the mother and give her what for, and she sits right beside Christopher. At least he doesn't hit people and gets along really well with girls.
Christopher's second day of school was this Thursday. In class when you are good you get a marble in your cup, when you get 5 you get something out of the treasure box. He received 3 marbles yesterday. There were only five kids in the class. I think she is instilling in them what it is like to be good so they will keep it up during the year with all students in the class.

The girl at daycare kissed Christopher on Monday. He kissed her back and then all day long. They are the same age but are not in the class, thank goodness.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Buzzzz. Buzzz. What's That Noise

Mikie called me yesterday from work and said he was stung 11 times by yellow jackets. He said it hurts. Well duh. He went home a little later and called to tell me he was gonna lay down and for me to wake him up at 4:00. I was a little concerned since he had taken a benadryl. But I called him and he was awake and ready to pick up the kids from daycare. He didn't complain to much after I got home. But he did take some more benadryl and went to bed early. I tried to get him to put tobacco, aspirin or a penny on it, but he said some guys at work told him to put vinegar or tobacco w/mud on it and it didn't work. Tobacco with mud? I had never heard of this. I have heard of some tobacco with a little water or we used spit to make kinda of a paste, always worked for me when I was a kid. Of course everyone smoked back then. We do not smoke at all but I'm sure there were people at his work who do.
I looked at his spots and they didn't look to bad. One on his arm was still swelled up but the rest looked good, some you couldn't even tell.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Zack's First Tooth

Zack is getting in his first tooth. Christopher was much older when his came in. He was 11 months and already walking. Zack has been a little cranky lately but not so bad.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whats That Glowing On The Bed?

Last night Christopher and I got in the pool and had a good time. We swam, played and watched the helicopters go by. We went into the house, Zack was sitting with Mikie getting ready for bed. He about broke his neck to look over at me. I went over and scooped him up, sat and talked to him until he was bouncing all over and I put him to bed. When he goes to bed I lay him down, he will roll over away from me then roll back to look at me. He did this twice last night then he rolled over one more time and stayed, I walked out of his room, he was asleep.
Christopher brushed his teeth got ready and went to bed. He has a sudden case of afraid of the dark. Mikie has been giving him a glow stick sometimes. Last night was one of those times he got a glow stick, it was orange. He went back to bed with the glow stick. About this time I am cleaning the stove like I have never cleaned it before, steel wool and vinegar water works wonders on a glass top stove. Christopher must have came in the living room right as I was finishing cleaning. He had green glowing on his face, stomach, legs and hands. Mikie was yelling, I ran in to see what was going on. The lights were off in the living room and he was glowing away. I made sure I asked him if he had any in his mouth, he told me no at the time. I sent him to the tub and Mikie started his water. I looked in his room and his bed was glowing. I took off his sheet and blanket, the mattress was still glowing even tho the light was on. I told Mikie I would wash him if he would clean the mattress and put new sheets on the bed. I cleaned him from head to toe and made him brush his teeth again. I turned out the bathroom light to make sure we got it all off. He kept spitting like he had some in his mouth. As we put him to bed Mikie is telling him to not get up again while I was telling him to wake me up if his stomach started hurting or he felt funny.
We woke up this morning with no problems. Christopher said he was chewing on the end of the glow stick and that is how it got a hole in it. Most of the fluid was still in the glow stick so not to much leaked out, but it sure was a mess. Now I have to wash his bedding that was still glowing when I put it in the laundry room.
Mikie went out to his truck when Christopher got up out of bed the first time. He brought in a glow stick, I told Mikie he did not need it but he gave it to him anyways. Hate to say I told him so but I did when I was giving Christopher a bath. I so wish I would have taken a picture but I so did not think about it at the time.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wedding Vacation

This is the covered bridge you come across right before you get to my friend Amy's house. We (my mom, Margaret and I) went to Gatlinburg for Amy's wedding. She actually lives right outside of Gatlinburg, TN. We drove up on Wednesday and met her and her future husband (Shane) at the tanning salon. We drove over to her dad and step mom's hotel to discuss some details with them. Their car had broken down and was borrowing Amy's until they could get a rental. The biggest idea we had talked about besides the wedding was the scrapbook store. There are two right beside each other and one is a superstore and the other a discount store with everything half off the lowest price on the item. We stopped by here first. I have just recently gotten into scrapbook and love it. We left there and headed to Amy's house. We took the back way from Servierville along the winding roads. The River (to me more a creek) under the bridge, lots of people tube down it. There is a clearing and get out point across the street from her house. After a bit we went to the cabin we were to stay in for the night. Below is a picture of the chapel she got married in. It was a lovely place. The cabin was a honeymoon cabin, but since they were only staying in town the night of the wedding all the girls involved stayed there. We ventured out to do a little drinking then back to the cabin for some hot tub time. You should see 5 women in a hot tub. I was a little tipsy by the time we got out of the hot tub and I have pictures of later but I sure don't remember when everyone ate later on. We went to bed about 3:00am.
The big day we roll out of bed around 7:00am so we could be at the reception pavilion to set up the decorations. It was pretty high up in the mountains and in the national park. Even tho it was about 80 degrees at the cabin when we left it, it was chilly at the pavilion. We got what we could get set up and left my mom to guard the area. We went to the salon for Margaret and Amy to get there hair done. I got a pedicure and it was wonderful. My first time, I recommend you go out today and get one. I think I will make it a once a month activity. We were of course running late, just like girls huh. We arrived back at the cabin to get ready in a flash. We drove back down to the chapel to find Shane taking pics outside, so we reversed it back up the hill a bit so he could not see Amy. The ceremony was lovely. They also included Amy's son who was also the best man. After pictures Margaret and I went to the cabin to put our stuff in the jeep. My mom rode over with Amy's friend Tameria to the reception to get the food ready. Below is a pic of the pavilion decked out.
There was tons of food. We had so much food we had to try to get it into there fridge. We stayed at Amy's house for two nights. So nice of her to let us stay there. Below is the cake. They have been together for eight years. I guess she felt like she had to drag him to the alter. It was all in good fun. The grooms cake had a cherry under the icing for the nipple. Shane bit it off when they were ready to cut the cake. It was a really lovely wedding.