Friday, June 6, 2008

Crazy Week

I have been out of sorts this week. My kids have been at their Ma maw's and my mom had surgery. First off Christopher went to Cheryl's (ma maw) on Saturday after his t-ball game.(t-ball is almost over. wooooohooooo) Zack went on Monday morning on my way to work. I picked up Christopher on Tuesday for his game and he went back on Wednesday morning. My mom had her thyroid out on Wednesday. I took the day off of work and stayed at Vanderbilt with my aunt Debbie(she reads but never comments) and my dad almost all day. I have had test run to see about my thyroid. Turns out I have the same thing as my mom but mine is not wacky as of yet. We will monitor it and I go to the doctor next week to find out a game plan on it. We both have nodules on our thyroids. My mom was able to go on medicine for hers but she is so not a pill taker. She did try the pills but was allergic to them so she opted to have it out. She is doing really good. She came home Thursday morning and went to work a little. To me it sounds like her voice had changed just a little, maybe a bit higher.

About the kids going to ma maws they both cried last night going to bed. You know how grandmas are all lovey and stuff. Zack cried really bad when Mikie was holding him. I took him and cradled him and patted his butt like Cheryl does but he did not stop. He did lighten up some tho, he was really bad when Mikie had him. I just put him in bed stood beside him and rubbed his tummy until he quit crying and he rolled on his side where he could not see me and I left his room, never to hear a peep more out of him.

Work was crazy yesterday. It was so busy and the boss was not here. Today is a little more laid back so I get to poke around the Internet some and blog a little.

I am making something for Mikie for fathers day. I seen it on another blog, wait let me see if I can find it. Sorry I can not remember where I found it and I just looked Thur several and still cannot find it. Anyways I bought some wooden letters that spell out DAD. I also got a picture frame. I am painting the letters white. I am going to take the kids to a park and let them hold the letters and take pics of each one with the D's and A. The frame has places for 3 pictures. I am going to do one kid each with a D and both holding the A and put them in the frame. I will probably do black and white pictures. I had my friend's son tide dye some shirts dark blue so their shirts will be dark and match. I will take a picture of the finished product and post it.


Deborah said...

Yes, I always do read your blog and its always pretty good. I didn't notice your mom's (my sister) sounding any different.

tina said...

That is an awesome Fathers Day gift!

Deborah, You should comment more often as I am sure Sarah would love to talk. I also have family members who don't comment, but it is ok.

jenn3 said...

I love the Father's Day idea! Very cute.