Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh How Hot It Is

now, we were thinking about getting a low We have taken out our hot water heater and replaced some of the floor. Or rather I should say Mikie has. We live in a triple wide so the pipes are different than what you have in a normal house. He had to move some of the pipes and take out the water softener. He had the a/c off today because they were going in and out cutting an turing water on and off. When I got home tonight we brought in some tile and decided to shut the doors and turn on the a/c. We did some stuff for a little bit and it wasn't cooling off any. I checked the vent and it was blowing hot air. We were outside earlier and heard a hissing sound. I came in and went over to the computer to get on and still heard the hissing sound. I turned off the a/c and then back on and it tripped the breaker. The breaker popped out and Mikie pushed it back in and now its not tripping anymore. At this point it was blowing cool air. I went out to check on the hissing sound and it will make the hissing sound and then slowly go away but it comes back in about 2 or 3 minutes. I checked the vent again and it was blowing hot air again and I turned it off. We have gas a furnace. We are checking into getting a low interest loan for an electric heat pump. LP gas prices go along with car gas prices so it is not cheaper now to use gas to heat your house. Last year I spent 1700.00 just on LP gas to heat the house and use for the hot water heater. I really don't think I will spend that much on electricity just for heating and hot water. By the way the kids are at their Ma maws tonight, I'm so glad they don't have to be here when it is this hot.

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