Monday, June 30, 2008

The Start Of The Week

Where to begin for today, well we spent the weekend a Mikie's parents house. We had alot of fun there kinda like a mini vacation really. We all went yard sailing Saturday morning. We found some good buys. We made a really good super Saturday night with some fresh squash. On Sunday we went to Walmart to have the pictures made of the kids. Did you know they don't have the sets for 5.99 anymore. The lowest package was 79.95. I went ahead and got the 99.95 package, there were like 14 pages you could get plus a 10x13. I opted out of the 10x13 and got 2 8x10's instead. The pics were really good, I will put them up on my picture blog when I get them back.
The a/c people are at my house right now working on the a/c. They called me and informed me since I was changing to a metal roof they needed to re-calculate to make sure the unit is large enough. Of course is was not and they have to get a bigger one that is 500 more. They hope to have it today. If not it will be Wednesday.
Tomorrow, Zack has an appointment at Vandy for his hypospadias. We are just looking and scheduling his appointment. After that we are going to the Science Museum. I think Christopher will love it, they just opened up a space section and he loves space.

At work this morning we found out that our boss's son passed away Saturday in a car wreck. He also works here. Last week he got his personalized lic plate and put it on his car that said destroy it. His car is totally unrecognizable. His girlfriend also died. Our boss also lost his brother last week. It has to be really hard on a family to go thru all of this, especially all at once. His name was Michael he was 24 yrs old. I didn't know him that well, but I did get to talk to him some but only about business. Please say a prayer for his family.


tina said...

My sympathies.

Lisa said...

Thinking of your family! Lots of prayers for Zach's surgery. Crazy how different babies are! K just started "scooting" fowards and some backwards, too! She's finally showing SOME interest in crawling, too!