Friday, May 30, 2008

3 Things About Me

3 Places I Go All the Time-
Work, My mom's, this week church (vacation bible school)
3 People Who Email me-
Debbie, Margaret, Michelle
3 Favorite Places I Like to Eat-
O'Charlie's, The Blackhorse, Jersey Mike's
3 Places I would rather be right now-
At home, in the mountains, at the beach
3 Projects I would like to get started-
Get our hot water heater installed-we will start today or tomorrow after t-ball, the roof, the kitchen floor from the water heater
3 People who might do this-
Chels, Tina, Jillybean
3 TV Shows I could watch over and over-Lost, Family guy, Grey's Anatomy


tina said...

No, I don't do these. Sorry! Still blogging friends?:) Hope so. But interesting they are for sure.

tina said...

Sarah, could you email when you get the chance.