Tuesday, June 10, 2008

T-ball At Its Best

Let me just dish about what happened yesterday, but first let me go back a bit. 3 games ago the coach did not show up to ummm.. coach. His wife was there but she just does the batting order. She asked if any of the parents could pitch for our kids. Mikie said he would. He did a pretty good job. The kids hit more with him pitching than with the coach pitching. The coach showed up when it was our last bat and we batted last. He took over when he got there.The next game the coach nor his wife was there and put the game in William's hands for him to do the coaching. The little boy who always hits last begged not to hit last and William and his wife agreed to let him hit in the middle. We will call this little boy D. D's dad did the pitching this game and he did a really good job. They only had to use the T 3 or 4 times the entire game. Now to yesterdays game. The coach and his wife were there to begin with. I'm not sure what her name is. Cheryl (mil) was sitting and talking to D's mom. I was not there yet. The coaches wife came over to talk to D's mom. She told them that she hear that Mikie could not get the ball over the plate but D's dad did a great job at pitching the last game. Cheryl pretty much went off on her. I don't get how she heard that he didn't get it over the plate since she was at the game. She also said that they were gonna have a BBQ at there house and give out trophies. After Cheryl went off on her she told D's mom you should have told me that was his mom. This is a small town everyone is pretty much kin to everyone, so she should have known better. This had Mikie really ticked off. The coaches wife does not seem like a nice person at all. She always has a mad look on her face and is usually yelling at the kids. Not long after the coaches wife made her spill they left the game. Again to leave the game in Williams hands. What gets me is at the first of the season he didn't ask any parent to help out but now the parents are doing it all and doesn't even bother to show up. If you have other things you have to do maybe you should not coach a team you do not have time for. Not sure how that got in the middle not I cant get it to go away sorry.

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