Friday, June 13, 2008

Notes On Mornings

At 6 months and the months leading up to it since he learned how to smile, Zack smiles every time I wake him up in the morning. Today for example he was already awake and when I went in the room he was smiling and playing with his feet.
I don't remember Christopher smiling as much when he first got up in the morning. He is definitely a cranky boy when he gets up now. I have to wake Christopher up at 5:30 and Zack gets up at 6:00. It usually takes Christopher 30 min. to get dressed then around 6:00 he is ready to brush his teeth. For Zack all I have to do is change his diaper and he is good to go.

Sorry bout all the notes to myself. This is just way more convenient for me to add to than a diary or journal that would be at my house and I would forget what I had to tell myself by the time I got home.


tina said...

I may try that clustrmap thing. See what it does. Do you like it?

Sarah said...

I do like the map and the traffic thing also.