Tuesday, April 29, 2008

T-ball, Tents, And Shopping O My

We went to our T-ball game on Saturday. Cheryl and Mike came out with Ellard(not sure if its spelled right?). My mom even went with me. I mean she actually rode in the car with me and all day at that. It was kinda chilly but if the wind was not blowing it was warm. The Zackaroo had a good time also, he just loves it when everyone cheers. They won again, who would have thought. The other team we played this time was much better than the last.

This weekend was our Tax-free weekend for school supplies and clothes. We have these twice a year, you can get school supplies, clothes or computers tax free. We were in need of some socks for everyone so Christopher went with his Mam maw and me and my mom took Zack with us. I did buy Christopher some shorts outfits and Zack a couple of outfits. We went to K-mart, I am so tired of Walmart, we were strolling thru the store when I saw a giant tent. It is a 14x16 two room tent with huge windows. (looked it up its a vacation home tent). lol. there's a pic of it above.(it will not put it down here..hmmm..) We were thinking about getting a tent to go camping this summer. We wanted a tent more like this one instead of a dome tent. I use to go camping all the time and have owned lots of tents and like this style the best.
I just found out our friend got engaged this weekend. They way down in Florida, so sometime int the near future we will be heading that way. They want Christopher to be the ring bearer, and Phil's sister who is the same age a Christopher be the flower girl. That will be so cute. I just dread the 17 hr drive to get there. We were planing on taking a cruise next years spring break but now Kim and I were talking and we all decided we wont be able to afford it so we are thinking about going to Key West. So 2 trips to Florida in a year so much fun. We did not have a good vacation last time we went to Florida. No offence Chels just not my favorite place to go.
Almost forgot my birthday was April 20th. Mikies is May 3rd. So Happy Birthday Mikie. (he doesn't read this but still)


Chels said...

No offense taken! I hope you have a better trip to FL this time, it really is an AWESOME place! Where in FL will you be heading?

We get our pics done at Sadie's (www.sadiesonline.com) and sometimes at the Picture people. We are usually pretty happy with their photographers and feel they are worth the slightly elevated expense to get good pictures. Sears just wasn't taking their time with the kids!

tina said...

Happy belated birthday to you and to Mikie tomorrow! My oldest son's birthday is also tomorrow.