Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Afternoon In The Life Of Us

I thought I would give you in site to our normal afternoon actives. Mikie gets off before 2:00. He picks up Christopher from school and then goes to daycare to get Zack. Mikie is such a people person he probably spends 30 mins or more each place he stops. They go home and usually take a nap until 5. I get off at 5 and I generally call and perhaps wake him up. Then its usual time for Zack's bottle. Yesterday he ate late and no one told me. Mikie then cooks super just in time for me to get home. Yesterday Zack was fussy while we ate and Mikie said he's probably hungry. I asked what time he ate and Mikie told me around 3:45. Mikie was not at daycare by then since it was a late day for him. So we had instant mashed potatoes for super and Mikie fixed Zack a bowl and he loved it, ate the whole thing. He has had potatoes before but only a little off of our fingers. Our days get all crazy when Christopher has t-ball practice like today. We don't get to eat on time because that is when we are at the ball park. I cannot eat late so I will stop by the house and make me a sandwich and they will eat when we get home.
The reason I cannot eat late is because I get heartburn if I do eat late, I take prevacid for it and I had to renew my script, when I called they wanted me to come in to see the doctor. I went to see him today, my doctor is a real people person and has great bedside manner he even told a joke. So he wanted me to get a blood screening for low iron to make sure I don't have a bleeding ulcer we don't know about. So while he is explaining that this is just to make sure cause he had a patient that had one and she felt perfectly fine, the went to the er. I then told him about a lymph node in my neck that was bigger than its suppose to be, he said not to worry about it. Had already had it checked a while ago but was looking at my neck and wanted to check my thyroid, he said it felt a tad bit bigger then it should be. So we have to do blood work for it also. There is a possibility of post pardom thyroid problem he said. I also need to have an ultra sound on it to check for nodules. This is what my mom is going thru now. She is having hers removed in the near future. She is at the doctors now to see about when to do it. Well I told my doc I also have a spot of skin under my arm that just hangs there. He called it a skin tag and said we should remove it. So I'm having that done tomorrow, a quick 10 minute thing. The ultra sound will be on Friday.
On another subject, Christopher is in pre-k at the school he will attend thru 5th grade. Yet we still have to attend kindergarten registration, go figure something else at night to do. I so don't like his teacher and I am very glad he only has a couple weeks left. She is so not a people person. she does not talk to anyone except maybe the kids. And its not for Christopher getting in trouble its more that we send in a book order with the money and she doesn't turn it in. Or I get a note saying that he owes a dollar for lunch when I paid that morning. They took group pics and we bought one and we received it yesterday and they didn't spell Christopher right. I could understand the last name but the first? Simple things that happen, she seems to be good with the kids thank goodness. I spelled Christopher wrong twice and the spell checker cought it, don't they use speel check?
We had base ball jamboree Saturday. It was cold, about 40 degrees. Zack and I sat in the car parked next to the fence and I would get out and video Christopher when he was involved. He did get the ball once and I was not out there taping it. I had to feed the Zackaroo.
O ya I have a couple of nickname for Zack one is Zackaroo and the other is Spitter. If you have ever watched Greek. There is a boy on there they call spitter. It's cute, we call him spitter because he spits up so much. Christopher never did at all, so its new territory for us.
Sorry for going on and on but I'm at work and we have nothing to do at all. We have like 4 cars this week to work on.

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Chels said...

Sounds like you have been BUSY!!!

Aiden is a spitter too! Raleigh never spit up a drop after the pyloric stenosis was fixed at one month. Aiden is just the opposite, he spits up EVERY time we feed him!

Hope things go well with your bloodwork!