Friday, April 25, 2008

Gas prices good for laugh?

Anyone looking for something funny and about gas prices should check out this link: White trash mom has found out what George bush knows about 4.00 gas prices. He hasn't a clue they are that high? So he says. I just saw a guy on Headline News talking about food prices and putting restaurants out of business because they have raised the prices on food and raised minimum wage also, putting restaurants out of business. I just keeps getting better and better. Not only that we cant afford to drive to a restaurant but we won't be able to eat there because a) the price is to high or b) they are closed down.
While we are on restaurants, my Sonic, I say my Sonic, but its the one closeted to my work, its pretty new been there a year or year and a half. Anyways I go there often for lunch and they never get my order right. I order cheese fries and they give me cheese tots or chili cheese fries. Today I ordered a salad (I do not recommend) with Italian dressing and they gave me ranch. It so sucks because this is the only place I can order a sprite with cranberry juice in it. If you have not tried it you must. And if you get to add a little Captain Morgan to it, it's even better. I made the discovery about the sprite and cranberry juice in the hospital after having Zack. I so could not go to the bathroom. My nurse made this for me after another nurse told her about it. It did do the trick. I do not like sprite or cranberry but together they are great.
Christopher had a game on Monday of course they won. I think they tell both teams that. But the other teams coach that did the pitching man he was way over the kids heads. I think if Christopher was on that team I would be telling him what I thought about that. We have another game tomorrow I'm sure it will loads of fun. It is cool to cheer them on to run to the bases. Mikie has to work tomorrow so he will not be there unless he gets off really early. His mom, dad and sister are suppose to be there so they will help out with keeping up with Christopher on bathroom breaks and watching the spitter (Zack).

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