Friday, April 11, 2008

Passions and Yard Goodies

This is a rail road bridge near my work. Not sure why but I just wanna take pictures of it. When the water is to high they open it up for the barges to go thru. When I leave my work there is a great view of this bridg and I was tring to get that, but the trees were in the way.

These little flowers or I say weeds are all over my yard. They stay for about a month before we get real grass in this section of the yard. We have just shy of 2 acres to mow, the yard is broken up into 4 sections. We have a fence almost halfway between our house and the road, our driveway breaks up those to sections from the side yard, then we have the back yard which is really small due to the pool. I fear the pool may be no longer after we take off the cover and see what lies beneath. We tried to prop up the center of the cover so rain water would run off and all that fell in and we had poles in there so im sure they are thru the liner. Should be fun next month.
This below is my burning bush, I think it's so pretty until the japenese beetles come and eat it up. We use to have a bunch of the yellow blooming bushes, but we hated mowing around them, they were in a strait line beside this bush and you couldn't get the lawn mower between them. So we pulled them up.


tina said...

That looks like flowering quince. Are those red flowers or leaves and does it have thorns?

Sarah said...

not sure where to comment you Tina hope you see this. They are flowers and it does have thorns. The previous owner told me that there was a burning bush out front it was winter when we bought the house. I just assumed that was it. I had another bush out front I did not know what it was but didnt like it and pulled it up.

tina said...

Sarah, It is a flowering Quince, aka Chaenomeles species. If you are lucky you will get some quince out of it as it is quite a large bush. It is not a burning bush and I can assure you, it is much better than the burning bush! Lucky you! Quince are edible but you have to pick them when they are ripe-not a second before or you get pucker power.