Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Bliss

We have had a problem with our door leaking. We decided to build a roof over the deck to deture the water from hitting the door altogether. Well, after some estimates for around 4 thousand and after Zack went to the hospital, we have to pay our deductible now. That deplets our funds for the roof. So yesterday the kids were at there mamaws and we decided, well I decided, to take apart the door. Before we b0ught the house it was a sliding glass door. They said they didnt like the fact you can break into the house easily so they replaced it with french doors. One door is stationary and the other opens. This is off our kitchen with is the main door we use to go in and out. The door has been leaking at the bottom and a little around the window. So I unscrewed the inside window pane and discovered that the glass is attached to the outside pane. Mike had worked Saturday night so he was sleeping and i woke him us so he could help me. The outside part was stuck pretty good to the door but we finally got it off. we cleaned the gooey caulking off the door and partialy off the window. We recaulked the door and the window and put it back in. Seems to be sealed pretty good. By that time it was time to go and get the kids. We got them and went to home depot to get a threshold and a part for the bottom of the door. We went ahead and bought a screen door, that will deture all water from the french door. Now why we didnt think about that first I'm not sure. We also picked up an unbrella for the table, it has led lights that are solar powered pretty cool and its a rectangle and was cheaper than the other regular unbrellas. We got a ceiling fan for Zacks room, thats the only room left without a ceiling fan in our house except for the dining room. And a new facuet for the kitchen sink that has a sprayer. The others had taken the sprayer out for a water purifier. Nice but I so mis my sprayer.

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