Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Home at Last

We are home from the hospital now. Zack sounds so much better. He sounded like someone who is horse but that was when he breathed. They did some kind of EPI breathing treatment. It can mess with your heart so he only got a half a dose. After that they just gave him the xophern breathing treatment. They also had him sleep in an oxygen tent with a oxygen monitor on his toe(fun for this age). When Christopher was this age he was put in the hospital for 3 days with RSV. Zack had croup, so he is trying to follow his brothers footsteps.
Christopher did get to practice t-ball yesterday that's what he and Mikie were doing while I was at the doctors getting ready to go to the hospital. I have a couple of days off now(my boss is loving that we are terribly busy), but its not to fun to sit at home with a sick baby, altho he has not acted sick, he has played, talked, smiled and laughed. If you couldn't hear him you wouldn't know he was sick.

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Chels said...

Glad you are home and things are looking better!

We are so fortunate to live where the weather is warm and the cold and flu season seems more mild!

I hope he continues to improve!