Friday, May 2, 2008

Check Ups, Ebay, And A Day In The Yard

Zack is 5 months old and had his 4 month check up yesterday go figure. He is 17 lbs. and 27 and a half inches long. The doc told us we can start him on cereal, about 4 teaspoons a day. I didn't have the nerve to tell him he eats food 3 times a day already. I am so ready to be done buying formula. I did find a lady on eBay that is in town here and she sells me a jumbo can for $15.00. A jumbo can at walmart is 26 and some change and I get $5.00 off with coupons. But still that's not $15 a can. I may give a coupon to my mom so she can buy a can for her house and sell the rest on eBay.
A guy here at work bought something off of eBay about 2 months ago and has never received it. He didn't look that the guy had bad feedback. I told him to make sure he looks at that before he bids on stuff. You just never know.
After I got home and we ate super we all went outside and did a little trimming of the trees and bushes. My Juliet magnolias looked bad. They were half dead. We cut out all the dead parts and now they look scrawny. But I think they will grow better now. After the late snow last year and the summer with no rain they are just drained. The ones we cut off were very brittle. I will get some pic up soon. I also have a honeysuckle tree. My mom had never heard of these she argued with me that they grow on a vine. I told here they do and we have lots of those also but we have the tree too. I had never seen one until we moved to our house and now I see them alot. The Zackaroo sit in his stroller while we cut on the trees. He fell asleep after a short while. Christopher went over the the neighbors yard and talked to the little girl that lives there. She is a few years older than him but I think he had a good time. They just sat on the ground and talked.
I was suppose to go to my moms and help plant the garden but my dad said it was to windy. It wasn't windy at my house, but they are on more of a flat and we are kinda tucked under a small hill. So we don't feel the wind near as bad. Not sure what we will do for Mikie's birthday yet. Suppose to have a t-ball game but it's gonna rain, so who knows.

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tina said...

Hi there Sarah. Nicely written blog. I had no idea you visited me and found my link on your blog-thanks! I just saw your comment on Dave's blog and thought I would find a gardening blog when I clicked on your profile. Imagine my surprise to find a family blog-Nice to meet you!