Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bugging Stuff

I was behind a garbage truck earlier at lunch time. He was going down the road at a slow pace and papers were fling out everywhere. We pasted two cop cars and they didn't even stop. It was in the paper a while back ago that if someone found trash with your name on it they would fine you. Most of the papers were receipts so I'm sure there were names on them. Kinda funny you put your trash on the street in the can and have someone pick it up for them to scatterit all over. That just bothered me since we are having a city wide pick-up day Saturday. But we will be at T-ball games, we have 2 games Saturday at 10:00 and again at 11:00.
Our t-ball coach's wife does most of the paperwork and ordering stuff, yesterday she had our schedule for our games, but only had one copy. How do you just have one copy. Someone asked if they could take it home and make copies, she said it was the only one she had and wouldn't know what to do if it got lost. So the lady did not take it. I asked it she was gonna make copies for us and she said she would try but not sure if she would be able to. So I asked if I could take it and make copies for everyone and again she would be beside herself if it got lost. I went ahead and took the schedule and made copies and added it to my cell phone. I just don't understand why you wouldn't make copies for everyone. We have 10 players and mostly both parents are at practices. The video is so cute Christopher misses the first time he bats in it and falls down, then he hits it good and makes it to first base.

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Chels said...

Hey! I have Geico insurance....another adjustor that was there for a different car said in her opinion we should go car shopping because since there is damage to the hood, both side doors, front windows and windshield, and roof, plus the mirrors - and it was in water - there is a good chance it will be totalled.

What is depreciation? The insurance company is supposed to give you this money?

We have to wait to talk to the adjustor to tell them about the car seats.

Anyhow, thanks for your imput.

Ball practice looks fun! Guess I have that to look forward to with Aiden in a few years.