Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tornado Alley Moving To Tennessee

Friday night there was a tornado right by my work. This park is called Fair Grounds Park, it is quite large it had play areas for kids, soccer fields, boat ramp, RC airplane flying field and a outdoor arena area. It also use to have a large pavilion the first picture is where the pavilion use to stand. What is left is I think the bathroom that was on the end.

This next picture is a port a potty in the pond.
This is the debris from the pavilion. It was scattered everywhere.
This is the light pole across the street. At my work they did not have power Saturday morning and had to go home. My department does not work on Saturdays but I did try to call several times and the lines stayed busy for me. I don't think there was any damage to the buildings, but maybe some debris in the parking lot.
This is a close up of where the pavilion was. Behind it is where the concrete bleachers for the arena are.
This is suck a sad thing to happen here. They have all kinds of actives at the pavilion such as Oktoberfest, dog shows, parties, and lots more. One time they even had the Budweiser horses here for everyone to look at. The only good thing I can see coming from this is the community is arguing over whether to put an indoor complex for concerts, sporting events and such. Now This could be a good place to put it.


tina said...

I am going to be doing a post on storm shelters soon. Check it out if you don't have a cellar. Many don't, including me.

tina said...

Is it ok if I link to this post reporting on the recent damage here when I so the storm shelter post? I think I will be posting either tomorrow or Saturday.