Monday, May 26, 2008

Long Busy Weekend

I just wanted to tell about our busy weekend. Starting with Friday night we had a graduation party to attend. There was food, cake, and some great chips and dip. We had left Zack at my moms and took Christopher since my friend had a boy 6 weeks older them him. They had a blast playing outside. The girls, as in adults no girl kids were there, stayed inside and talked and held the month old baby that was there. I however did not hold the baby, I am not a baby holder unless they are my own. Besides they are all kin to the baby and I am not. We later went to my moms so she would not have to get up with Zack in the morning. We woke up there and stay about 2 hrs and went home to do laundry.
Saturday afternoon we went to a BBQ. There was a little boy there 3 months older than Christopher they played really good together. The mother Courtney also had a little girl that is 3 months older than Zack. I just think it is kinda funny. I use to stay with Courtney at night when her parents were gone. We also met another couple with a 6 month old baby. There baby is actually 4 days younger that Zack. They are gonna build a house down our way soon. They were a really nice couple. We took the bounce house with us and the kids just loved it. Everyone there asked where we got it at. It was kinda a joke by the time the last person asked.
On Sunday we went to church and Mikie's mom and dad also went. Christopher was to get a certificate for graduating pre-k. Christopher is suck a clown. He was at the front of the Church telling where Cody was. He was getting a certificate also. After church we went home to pack for Zack and Christopher to go to their ma maw's house. We then left for the big town. We saw an add that said Sam's had Serta mattress's on sale for 298.00 for a queen and we so needed a mattress. On the way to town Mikie's mom calls and says she cannot watch the kids because her friends husband is in the hospital and she wanted her to come and sit with her. They said he had a heart attack and let him go home later in the day and said to see his doc on Tue. we so thought this was strange. But back to the story. We go to Sam's and the 298 mattresses were on the top shelf and no one would help us. So we bought the mattress for 398, it was the next step up, and really comfortable. We went on over to pick up the kids, went home and put our mattress on the bed. Then we were off to a little girls birthday party. I had stopped and got some water guns, i got 5, just enough. Their father cooked out. It was a good party. They shot each other and the adults with the water guns. Then they got out a birthday gift she received. A slip-n-slide with a pool at the end. They had the most fun with that.
Christopher is so shy, he would not even take off his wet shirt in front of everybody. He had to go in the house to dry off and undress. Zack did really good outside, the couple we met Saturday was also at the party yesterday with their baby. Both babies were very good. We did all of this and I never brought out my camera. So sad. Well I have to work today so I hope everyone else gets to enjoy their day off. It is raining here on and off so not so much fun for everyone around here. Sorry for the long post.

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