Saturday, May 3, 2008

Damage Of Different Kinds

The pictures and me are not getting along. They just will not do what I want them to do. Anyways, the first two pictures are my honey suckle tree. I think it is very pretty. The late snow and extra dry summer did not effect it any.

The First picture below is my maple tree. I think this is simply the best looking tree in the yard. Such a good shade tree. Doesn't look like it had any ill effects either. Then next picture was badly damaged. I'm not sure what kinda bush it is but it is very pretty. It sits right off my back porch and is where our main entrance is to the house. It has survived being run over by vehicles when we moved in and getting pushed around when we mow the yard. It has looked great until this year. I did not take a picture of the whole bush because it looks so bad, I truly hope it will once again be as great as it once was. We had to cut out about 75% it out.

This is one of two Juliet magnolias, we had to cut about 40 to 50% off of each one but they still look OK. They were really big before. We have lost one tree that will have to be cut down, since it is next to our fence and on the other side is the neighbors shed. I don't want it to fall on anyone stuff.

I forgot to tell that my blood work came back in the normal but on the low normal and I haven't heard about the ultrasound yet. So I'm guessing its good.

We had bad storms here last night. I usually go to my moms when it's suppose to be bad and so we did last night. When we returned this morning, we had a leak where the water heater is. We originally thought it was the water heater but upon further inspection we discovered it was coming from the roof. We have a gas hot water heater and the exhaust pipe going thru the ceiling is where it was leaking. We had a guy that was looking at my mom's roof today look at ours also and we have smaller leaks around the exhaust fans in the bathrooms. I am going to call the insurance company next week. Almost everyone here has had to have some roof work done to there house this year. We were a little late than most. But hopefully they will pay there part. We are gonna try to put in the extra and have a metal roof put on. I have pics of the fairgrounds park next to my work that was hit by a tornado, I will post them tomorrow.

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tina said...

That is a huge honeysuckle, and very beautiful.