Monday, August 4, 2008

Wedding Vacation

This is the covered bridge you come across right before you get to my friend Amy's house. We (my mom, Margaret and I) went to Gatlinburg for Amy's wedding. She actually lives right outside of Gatlinburg, TN. We drove up on Wednesday and met her and her future husband (Shane) at the tanning salon. We drove over to her dad and step mom's hotel to discuss some details with them. Their car had broken down and was borrowing Amy's until they could get a rental. The biggest idea we had talked about besides the wedding was the scrapbook store. There are two right beside each other and one is a superstore and the other a discount store with everything half off the lowest price on the item. We stopped by here first. I have just recently gotten into scrapbook and love it. We left there and headed to Amy's house. We took the back way from Servierville along the winding roads. The River (to me more a creek) under the bridge, lots of people tube down it. There is a clearing and get out point across the street from her house. After a bit we went to the cabin we were to stay in for the night. Below is a picture of the chapel she got married in. It was a lovely place. The cabin was a honeymoon cabin, but since they were only staying in town the night of the wedding all the girls involved stayed there. We ventured out to do a little drinking then back to the cabin for some hot tub time. You should see 5 women in a hot tub. I was a little tipsy by the time we got out of the hot tub and I have pictures of later but I sure don't remember when everyone ate later on. We went to bed about 3:00am.
The big day we roll out of bed around 7:00am so we could be at the reception pavilion to set up the decorations. It was pretty high up in the mountains and in the national park. Even tho it was about 80 degrees at the cabin when we left it, it was chilly at the pavilion. We got what we could get set up and left my mom to guard the area. We went to the salon for Margaret and Amy to get there hair done. I got a pedicure and it was wonderful. My first time, I recommend you go out today and get one. I think I will make it a once a month activity. We were of course running late, just like girls huh. We arrived back at the cabin to get ready in a flash. We drove back down to the chapel to find Shane taking pics outside, so we reversed it back up the hill a bit so he could not see Amy. The ceremony was lovely. They also included Amy's son who was also the best man. After pictures Margaret and I went to the cabin to put our stuff in the jeep. My mom rode over with Amy's friend Tameria to the reception to get the food ready. Below is a pic of the pavilion decked out.
There was tons of food. We had so much food we had to try to get it into there fridge. We stayed at Amy's house for two nights. So nice of her to let us stay there. Below is the cake. They have been together for eight years. I guess she felt like she had to drag him to the alter. It was all in good fun. The grooms cake had a cherry under the icing for the nipple. Shane bit it off when they were ready to cut the cake. It was a really lovely wedding.


tina said...

Love that waterfall and the grooms cake 'takes the cake!'

lola said...

Great fun had by all. A beautiful place to be married in. Love that country. Cake reminds me of one we fixed for my hubby's birthday one yr. in N.C. Good memories to last a life time.