Friday, August 15, 2008

The Start Of The School Year

Christopher's first day of school was Thursday of last week. He really liked it and liked his teacher. We had an orientation Monday night. There was a parent with the teacher for-e-v-e-r. Her little girl sits right beside Christopher in class. We finally got to talk to the teacher and she is really nice and seems to be for the kids being kids. I have heard differently. But I will wait and form my own opinion. She is a military wife and seems to get along with Mikie really well. Back to the little girls mom. I found out later that she is a mean mom. Like if your child bumps into her child she will hunt down the mother and give her what for, and she sits right beside Christopher. At least he doesn't hit people and gets along really well with girls.
Christopher's second day of school was this Thursday. In class when you are good you get a marble in your cup, when you get 5 you get something out of the treasure box. He received 3 marbles yesterday. There were only five kids in the class. I think she is instilling in them what it is like to be good so they will keep it up during the year with all students in the class.

The girl at daycare kissed Christopher on Monday. He kissed her back and then all day long. They are the same age but are not in the class, thank goodness.

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