Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Little Here, A Little There

My mom has brought it to my attention that I have not posted since Monday, so here goes.

I have not posted because I have been busy, busy at work and at home. At home I have been going thru Christophers toys, sorting, cleaning and moving stuff to Zack's room. I am hoping that tonight will be the last of it except for washing the clothes he had on his closet floor. Zack is becoming an escape artist. Mikie will put him down in the living room and he rushes to Christophers bedroom laughing the whole way. Last night I had Mikie go into the kitchen to get me something and he did it again. Mikie came back to the living room and he was gone. He had ventured his way to the bedroom again. I won't let him stay in there, there is to much he could put in his mouth. Mikie put him up on Christopher's bed and let him watch Sponge bob. He was really into it. I intend on getting a gate to put in the hallway as to keep him out of the bedrooms and the bathroom.

We did or rather I should say I moved Zack's bed down lower. Mikie put him to bed last night and said it was like the Grand Canyon. I don't even have it on the lowest level.

Did I tell ya ll I got some stuff to do pedicures. I gave Mikie one the week before last and Christopher one last week. I'll bet he is the only kindergartner who got a pedicure. If not I'm sure the only boy. Well Mikie finally returned the favor last night. He even painted my toes french manicure. I'm not saying its a great job but it is a start, he will learn.

Christopher and I put the solar cover on the pool the other night. It was really hard to get it on. Christopher was a big help with it. Since we put it on it has been cloudy, so I suppose we need to take it off because there really is no point to that, huh.

There will be a massive yard sale at Gary Mathews Motors (Dodge) on Saturday. I will be a part of the yard selling side. If you yard sale you should come out as it is suppose to be really big with most of the employees and there families participating.


tina said...

Cool thing about blogging is that you post when you want, but family tends to truly miss your updates. Nice to be missed isn't it?

Sarah said...

It is. My mom says I never tell her anything anymore she has to read

Sarah said...
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Jen said...

I hope that yard sale is going well.

The Jillybean said...

I need to teach Mr. Technosavy to do manicures.