Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Buzzzz. Buzzz. What's That Noise

Mikie called me yesterday from work and said he was stung 11 times by yellow jackets. He said it hurts. Well duh. He went home a little later and called to tell me he was gonna lay down and for me to wake him up at 4:00. I was a little concerned since he had taken a benadryl. But I called him and he was awake and ready to pick up the kids from daycare. He didn't complain to much after I got home. But he did take some more benadryl and went to bed early. I tried to get him to put tobacco, aspirin or a penny on it, but he said some guys at work told him to put vinegar or tobacco w/mud on it and it didn't work. Tobacco with mud? I had never heard of this. I have heard of some tobacco with a little water or we used spit to make kinda of a paste, always worked for me when I was a kid. Of course everyone smoked back then. We do not smoke at all but I'm sure there were people at his work who do.
I looked at his spots and they didn't look to bad. One on his arm was still swelled up but the rest looked good, some you couldn't even tell.


tina said...

I tell you the wasps are bad. We had a nest on our pool ladder. I was rather trapped. I did not get stung but my poor old dog did. He still doesn't know what happened. Poor thing. Hope hubby heals fast. Good thing he was not allergic to the sting. I am looking at some right now just outside my window. Urrrrr!

Suzie said...

I found out I am immune to bee stings maybe it because as a child I sat on a bee's nest and got stung over 25 times. Since then no trouble at all (but I dont reccomend doing that)