Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All About A Song

Have you ever heard a song that you like but just can not figure out who sings it? I have had this problem for the last week. So I was describing my problem to some guys at work and they told me that on my cell phone I have a music Id. You hold up your phone to the speaker of the song that you want to id is playing. It will listen and then tell you what song it is. I said you are crazy. There is no way it can do that. So they proved me wrong. It so works. Well since then I had not heard the song I was looking to hear. Of course not when you have found a way to find out who sings it. Then yesterday afternoon I was in my office by myself. The song came on on the PA system. I pulled a chair over to the speaker pushed the music id icon and held my phone up to the speaker while standing on the chair. It changed screens and told me it was analyzing it. It came back to tell me that the song was I'm In Love With A Girl by Gavin McGraw.
This is a great feature. You only get 3 for free, after that you have to pay per use or sign up for it by the month. It cost 6 something a month. Who has that many songs you need to know what they are a month? Crazy on the cost, good idea on the service.
Did you know you can check out Cd's at the library. I will have to see if they have the Gavin McGraw. I hope his other songs are as good as this one, may warrant me buying the CD.

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