Monday, July 7, 2008

Starting Out For A Busy July

Let me recap from Friday. On Friday we went to one of Mikie's poker playing buddies house for the 4th. He is in the army and had some other army buddies there. What better way to spend the 4th than with soldiers especially Special forces. He had spent 3 thousand on fireworks. Zack really loved seeing the fireworks. Christopher got to do some sparklers and poppers he also had a good time. We had a good laugh when Mikie broke a chair and fell out in the floor.
For Saturday I with my friends all day long to shop for a bridesmaid dress for Margaret. She is going to the the maid of honor for Amy's wedding. The wedding will take place in Gatlinburg on the 31st of this month. Margaret and I will be going without our husbands. Margaret is hard to please for dress shopping, we finally found a nice dress even she liked at Kohl's. We also found some shorts for 3 dollars. Mikie installed my shelves for the pantry.
Sunday we cleaned up the house some, filled up the pantry, cleaned out the pool. We rescued a few hundred tadpoles, Christopher and I put them in a pond. Our pool is now blue. I will have to go and get some flock and make everything in the pool go to the bottom and then vacuum it out, so we will have clear water.
How do you clean a vacuum cleaner. Mine stinks, we had it in the house when the air was off. It had stuff in it, we did not think about it. I guess the dirt liquefied because it was wet when I cleaned it out. It is a Dyson so it does not have a bag. I have cleaned it with vinegar, and let it soak in vinegar yesterday and it still smells. I even sprayed it down with Lysol. I will put it back together this afternoon and see how it does.
Does anyone know how to freeze squash. I froze it last year with just cutting it in small slices and when I thawed it out it was mushy. This year I am trying different things with it. I am freezing a whole one not cut at all, a whole one cut on each end, some sliced that I freeze on a cookie sheet and then put them in a bag so they do not stick together, and some sliced with wax paper between them. I will also be freezing zucchini with squash and broccoli. Soon I will be pickling, and freezing corn. Summer is hard work around here.


The Jillybean said...

I have never had luck freezing squash. Some people say it is better to go ahead and bread it and fry it for just a minute, then freeze it and finish frying it when you get ready for it. But as I said...I have never had luck freezing it any way I have tried

Lola said...

Try cutting it into pieces--slice some onion & cook both as tho you were going to eat. Don't cook till mushy. Fork tender is best. Then put in zip lock bags & freeze. That's how I am doing mine.