Monday, July 14, 2008

Women's Work

This is so going to be a rant on my husband. Yesterday we stayed at his moms house cause we were there til late and I didn't want to wake the kids up and take them home. Sunday morning he and his dad went to Lowes and Walmart, we arrived at home at noon. He was tired and decided to take a nap(he did get up with Zack early). I started washing clothes and snaping my beans. He layed in the chair and napped. When Zack got Hungary he brung him to the kitchen and feed him, then left him with me. About the time Zack was fussy Mikie decided to go the to bedroom to take a nap. Zack was also ready for a nap so I had to sit with him in the living room and get him to sleep. After he fell asleep I went back to my beans, more clothes, and dishes. I washed my beans and blanched them then froze them. Then I moved on to Squash and Zucchini. I already had it frozen, I just need to bag it. By this time it was about 6:00 and I was ready to go to my moms and see if I could pick broccoli. It was way to wet to get in the garden. Mikie, Zack and I went to my Grandpas house to visit. Christopher went with my dad on the RTV to check out the corn situation on post. We all got back home at 8:30 and the kids went to bed. I however had a little more work in the kitchen to do.
Mikie called me today and said I was going to clean house. I work 50 hrs per week, with a commute of an hour a day. He works 40, with a commute of 30 minutes a day. He usually sits around while I have been putting up veggies the last week or so. Now I'm suppose to clean the rest of the house also. He use to help with the cleaning. I think he spent to much time with his dad this weekend. I told him he is nuts if he thinks I'm gonna work those hours and then come home do all the other stuff I have to do plus clean house. Tonight I have to Clean the pool. Maybe then we can get in it. I know for a fact he will not help with the pool.

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