Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Taking A Trip? Pool or Doctor Office.

We took Zack to the doctor yesterday. He has a spot on the back of his head that looked kinda like a carpet rub at first. But now it is cleared off and wet. It has been there for a while but didn't look like it does now until Sunday morning. The doctor seems to think it was a bug bite that is now infected. He wrote us up for some yummy antibiotics that Zack does not like at all. He has not had a fever, and he always wants to eat so all is good there. He weighed in at 19.6 lbs with clothes on.
I finally got the pool ready to swim in. Guess who was the first to get in. Mikie. He didn't want to mess with it and he is the first to swim in it, go figure. Tonight I will have to add some chemicals to it for the weekly dose.
Life is pretty much trucking on. Getting ready for my trip next week. No kids, No husbands except for the girl getting hitched, clothes shopping for school clothes for Christopher, and the scrapbook store. Shhh.. . Don't tell Mikie that we are going there. I am driving and my friend that's g0ing with me has never been so I get to decide where we are going. Seems every time I go, I go with someone else I have to go where they want to go. I have never been to the craft park (I think it is called) and so want to go there. My friend lives up past it so we will be visiting it next week.

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