Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can I Have That Coupon

Guess who cleaned the living room? Mikie did. Yahhh. I however on the other hand cleaned 2/3's of the pool last night. I left the gate open, Mikie's keys on the deck and the water running all night. He was really happy this morning when he saw it. My intentions when I came in the house was to get him to help me take the lid off so I could clean out the basket. Zack was still awake so that did not happen, I was wet and nasty smelling from the dead fish smelling water. If you know someone who wants to get a pool, send them to my house and I will let them take care of mine for a lil bit and they will change their mind about it. This had got to be the biggest waste of time and money there is to have at your house. The only reason I keep it is because it came with the house and I will have a big hole in the backyard if we take it out. I had to turn off the pool so everything in it could settle to the bottom so we could vacuum it out.
Did anyone see Inside Edition on Monday. They had a lady on there that went grocery shopping and bought 50.00 worth of stuff and paid 4 something for it. She uses coupons, from the paper, stores, and online plus finds stuff on sale to use the coupon with. I dug around and found and she helps you find all this stuff. She also lets you know the deals in the adds in the Sunday paper for your area so you can get your coupons ready for shopping. She says you can find coupons on manufactures websites. I have look at tide, Del Monte, and a couple other and did not find any, but I did sign up for the newsletters and for them to mail stuff to me. Whats more junk mail if you can save a buck or two. The trees you say, we are hurting the trees. They will make them up and send them to somebody, why not me.


Kimberly said...

Coupons are great... :) The couponmom feature that shows you deals at your store is nice.. I check it out the unadvertised deals occasionally to see if I've missed anything ..

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I wish I were better about using coupons. When I'm on my A game, I'll have $20 worth of coupons for things that I would buy anyway. Sadly, it's so hard to be organized with it that I'll later go without a single coupon and end up losing that money all over again. Urgh.

tina said...

Pools are a pain sometimes-and expensive. Didn't see the woman with the coupons but wow! Wish I could do that.