Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time To Save Some Money

Have I told you how much I like the live traffic feed. If it says someone came to my site by using Google search then you can click on it and see what they searched for to find you. I wonder if it will work on my myspace page? I think I will find out. I also love the Blog List. I can just go to my blog and see who has update and read from the list down.
I also have a money saver tip. Especially if you have a baby eating baby food. I have saved the plastic containers from Zack's food. I have 4 oz. round one and 3.5 oz. rectangle ones. They make great jello containers. I have some jello stocked up, but if you buy a package of make it yourself jello it use to be .25 for a package. Maybe a tad more now, but better then buying the already make for you. I made some last week and it was really good. I know we are all in a pinch and trying to save a buck. You can also buy fresh food from the farmers market or someone on the side of the road. I picked up some huge bell peppers the other day for .50 a pepper. They are way more in the store and these were fresh. If you know any more tips please leave a comment!


tina said...

Thanks for the tip on the traffic counter. I use that sitemeter and find it interesting where many readers come from. I never know who reads, just locations. The amazing thing is what is searched that brings one to my site.

Lisa said...

Great idea with the Jello. We re-use those for Duane's salad dressing! I've also reused those for some fresh baby foods, too.

We're mostly using jars now.

Hope you're well! :)