Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who Says There Are No Nice People Left

I work at a autobody repair shop. Yesterday a lady was dropping off her vehicle off and picking up a rental car. She had her little girl who was probly just shy of 2 yrs old in the van already, somewhere along there she droped the keys in the floor board and the van was locked so she shut the door and thus she locked her little girl in the car. One of our techs went out with a door opening kit to try and unlock the door but it did not work. The van was a 2008 Dodge Caravan, We are a Dodge dealer so we have the ability to look up the key code in order to make a key. The key will not start the van only unlock the door. So we had a key made at no cost and opened the door. She asked it she could do something for us and I told her not to. Well today she walks up with her kids and a bowl of easter eggs,2 12 pks of pepsi and diet pepsi, choclate bunnies and a gift card for subway. The gift card was enough I got a platter for the whole shop. We really did appreciate what she did but she really didnt have to many of us that work here have small kids and totally understand. I happened to be at lunch when most of that happened yesterday, when I walked up they were on there way to go and get the key.
easter eggs


Chels said...

That was really nice of you all to do that for her - none of our local shops would do anything free of charge!

And, it is equally great that she recognized your kindness.

Good call on the bumbo - they are WONDERFUL!

Love all the cute pics!

Mike and Joy said...

How nice! Love the Bumbo chair. Hey, it is 1 am here and I just emailed you and then accidentally deleted your email. Yikes. Please email me again so I have your address!

Mike and Joy said...

Oh wait! No, I found it! Nevermind. Good Heavens, it's late.