Wednesday, March 26, 2008

T-ball, Eating and Fun Things Like That

We or rather Christopher starts T-ball practice on Friday night @ 6:30, I think its kinda late but i guess my opinion doesn't count. He also has practice at 9:00 the next morning. I have a cold or allergies going on and have to take Zack with us. My mom would watch him but she is going out of town this weekend with my dad, that is if she gets in a better mood with him. So the T-ball field is at the back of the park not even close to the parking area and right beside a creek, so its colder back there. I am so dreading this. But at the same time I want Christopher to get to try things to see what interest him.

Onward to other things, Zack is spending the day with my mother in law. She had Christopher all the time when he was little but he was the 1st grandchild. Dane is the second (nephew) and she spent a little less time with him. But that was mainly his moms fault she didn't want him to go anywhere. Then there is Zack, and I'm not sure he even knows who she is. She never comes to see him, if by some means she comes to our house its to get Christopher or drop him off and is there about five minutes. She would never stick to a schedule for Christopher when she had him and always still lets him sleep in the bed with her. I cant stand that because when he came home he would cry to sleep in the bed with us. When he was little she would hold him the entire time she kept him and he would cry the day he came home for hours. Zack hardly ever cries and I so don't want to start anything like that again.

Now to Zack since Sunday he has been spitting up way more than usual. At daycare he is spitting up his food(not milk) like 2 hrs after he eats it and after he has drank a bottle. Its so weird. He shouldn't be allergic to any of the food, he has been eating all of it for about a month already...I know bad mommy. But he is so hungry he needed something that would last a little while in his tummy. And about his tummy he will not do tummy time at all. He will stay on this tummy for about 5 minutes. and that is it. Christopher was always on his tummy. He would not stay on his back.

We are trying to have a roof put over our porch on the back of the house. Its the door we use to go in and out all the time. Its off of our kitchen. (thank goodness for auto saving) I have called several people out to give estimates. The first people gave an good price but I have heard bad things about them. The second guy will be out tonight to go over the estimates with us. He has worked up several different ways to do it. The other guy wanted $2000 just for labor. I think that is a little outrageous. My husband said he would be scared for the guy to get on our roof. And I think the guy really didn't want to do it and priced it as such. I have another guy who is 2 weeks out from looking at it. I know and can trust him(use to be my boss) so I know he will be worth the wait. But we will see what the guy tonight has to say about the the situation. We are also having someone bring us some churt(gravel that gets as hard at concrete once it settles). Our driveway washes out every time we have a hard rain. So hopefully this will rectify the problem, once we get it spread out and settled down. That's about all for today.


Chels said...

My daughter HATED being on her tummy. Wouldn't do it for even a second! Aiden just loves it, he was even sleeping like that but we have gradually gotten him to sleep on his back. Kids are so different, aren't they?

I was debating buying the PostSecret books....are they worth it?

Sarah said...

I didnt buy them. bad I know. One I got from the library and read it the others I was at the book store so I looked them over. Really takes not time to read them. But definately check out the library first.