Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wet and Wild Saturday

We went to Christopher practice and it lasted about 15 minutes before the bottom dropped out and we all ran to the cars. Zack sounded worse today so I took him to the doctor while Mikie stayed home with Christopher to take him to practice this afternoon which was canceled. At the doctors office we did a breathing treatment that seemed to help alot. They also took x-rays in which I had to hold him while they took the x-rays, he screamed, oh so much fun. We went back to the room and found out he does not have RSV or puenomia. They did give us a nebulizer to take home. When we got home Mikie looked at the nebulizer and it doesn't have any hoses with it. So not much we can do with that and they are already closed. I do have a friend with one and she said we can barrow hers till we get one.
Now I am about to cook super, I'm thinking about BBQ chicken done in the oven, stewed potatoes or mashed, frozen corn from the garden from last year, and another veg. Maybe broccoli from the garden last year.

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