Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Little Family History

I am so not a writer, I don't like to write but I thought this might be fun and I can always show it to the kids when they get older. I dont have a clue on how to add photo yet so hopefully I will get there. I suppose I should start with some backgrounds, My name is Sarah I am Married to Mikie (everyone calls him Mikie so it is stuck). We have two kids, Christopher who is 5 yrs. old and in Pre-K, and Zack who is 3 mos. old.

Lets start with me I guess; I grew up in the country and still live there, actually I'm within 8 miles of where I started at. I really love it there, small town but still kinda close to a big town. I went to a small town school, we had 3 schools for the whole county(2 elem. 1 high school). I haven't traveled much just a little, from the east coast to just past the Mississippi River, from Michigan to Flordia. We are about in the center of all ot those places in Tennessee. O I didnt mention I am an only child. I should be spoiled but I dont think I am, I had to work hard when I was a kid.

Now with my husband Mikie; he came from Ohio his mom joined the army and they were stationed at Kentucky, Tennessee, and Germany. While they were in Germany they traveled Europe all over. He has a sister, she is a little on the crazy side. She is younger then Mikie but not by much so they dont get along to well. I get along with her way better than he does. That is in fact how I met Mikie. I met Amanda(sister) first, he was working on the boat (river barge) at the time I met her then he moved to Florida for a short while. He moved back and in with Amanda who was living with her friend. Me and Casey went to pick up Amanda to go out and eat when Mikie was there. No one introduced us at that time. I did ask in the car who he was, I had heard alot about him from Amanda, Casey and some of his friends.

We moved in together for about 2 months, then I moved out at his request. He kept bugging me after that, I went on with my life and came back around to see Amanda(we were better friends when I wasnt dating her brother). He had a party one night and me and Casey went to visit with Amanda. I guess he missed me because he did not leave my side the whole time I was there. After that we started hanging out again. I moved back in around August and then Sept. 11 happened. I decied I wanted to have a baby. He didnt mind the idea so we started to try and get pregnant. It took almost 6 mos. to get there but we finally did.

Onward to Christopher; I always thought he was such a good baby, and he was, until we had Zack(I'll get to him in a minute). It is so fun watching them grow and teaching them things. He learned to walk at 10 mos. He always jabbered away, and once he leared to talk with real words he never shuts up. at diner, driving in the car, whatever, and he just comes up with crazy stuff to say like he likes hearing himself talk. He is really smart, he is learing how to read when I have the time, school is not doing that for him yet. We took him to Orlando we went to SeaWorld when he was 3 yrs old. he still remembers it. He loved it. We did not go to Disney World because I wanted to wait until he was older, they were also having a tropical storm at the time no fun in the rain. I took him skating a few weeks ago he had a blast. Had to get him toddler skates the regular ones were to hard to him to stand up on.

When I was pregnant, we so couldn't figure out a name, I had always wanted 2 boys, but after I had Christopher I wanted a girl for all the cute little clothes and things. Christopher wanted a brother like his friend Cody. Christopher and Cody are 6 wks apart but Cody went to kindergarden this year and Christopher could only go to Pre-K and that was a battle to get him in there. Anyways I think Christopher was really excited to be getting a little brother. He always talked about the baby.

Onward to Zack; He is the best baby, I can tell already he will be a talker to, he coos and jabbers all the time.(I just saw the auto save that is so cool) He doesn't care to be held. I remember comeing home from work and haveing to attend to Christopher, Zack is just as happy sitting in his bouncy seat bouncing away. We try to mix it up he is big enough to go into the walker and seems to like it. I'm sure he will like it even more when he can make it move. Christopher actually feeds Zack and does a good job. While I'm on my way home Mikie makes dinner at the same time Zack needs to eat so Christopher gets to feed him. o forgot to mention that Zack is 3 mos. old. He goes to a home daycare and the lady has another baby a girl who is 2 weeks older than Zack, I know her mom and we joked with our moms that since she was having a girl and me a boy, she already had a girl and me a boy we would just switch. lol.. But back to the babysitter(Heather) she is so good with them, she puts the babies on the floor together and they talk to each other and pull at each others clothes. I'm gonna send my camera so she can take pics and video of them.

I think this is enough to start I will try to get some pics of us up...

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Chels said...

I think you'll enjoy having something to look back on. That was really interesting, glad to know a little more about you guys!

I posted on BBC how to add links to your blog. If you need help with the layout or setup feel free to email about that, I did my own blog and have since done about 6 others for people.

Happy blogging and happy blog reading. It's a lot of fun!