Friday, March 21, 2008

Christopher and I made Easter eggs. He was so excited to do them, he has talked about it all week. I also made deviled eggs for Mikie's work they had a cookout today. So I bought 2& 1/2 dozen eggs, cooked them all and made deviled eggs out of more than have of them. The rest Christopher and I decorated. I found that we had 3 different sets of egg coloring kits so we used 2 sets on our eggs. I included the pics of Christopher after he colored the eggs. The other pic is after I put the eggs in a bowl to put in the fridge, I thought they looked so cute looking back at me. Everyone have a blessed Easter weekend.

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Chels said...

HI! We got Rocket at Super Target! If you really want one and don't have a target near you I can get one and ship it to you. Let me know. It is Raleigh's new favorite toy! They have been onsale recently too, so nice.

Happy Easter!