Monday, March 17, 2008

The Bumbo Seat

This weekend we bought a Bumbo seat for Zack. I think he is gonna love it. I have to do something,he is so attached to his bouncy seat he will simply have a cow and he can sit up and can no longer use it. He does not like to swing very much, he will sit in his high chair for a lil bit, but so is not completely happy unless he is in the bouncer. He is gerring into floor time but still will not stay on his tummy for long. We had him on his tummy at just under a month and he rolled over a couple of time. After that he would just scream and I tried putting him on the boppy on his tummy, he just wants no part of it.
bumgo seat

We also bought Christopher's T-ball equ. He is excited to play. But I was talking to someone at my work the other day and he was saying in baseball you just stand around waiting for something to happen which is true. But that soccer is more happening and they burn up more energy on it. We just do not have the time for soccer. It seem they are always at the field, we just can't do that with our work schudles and having a baby too.

I was so mad at Mikie on Saturday, he went to Nashville with his friend to buy a golf club. And of course when you go to the golf store with said friend he spends all day(I have been on one of these excursions). So instead of sleeping or spending time with us he goes to the golf store to buy a club for a game he can't afford to play. Make sense huh. He countered with he has been working his butt off, he is there alot. He is a supervisor so he gets to supervise alot. Its almost like he is on a swing shift. Some days some nights. The odd thing is when he works nights he gets like 6 dollars more because he is the shift leader. On days hes only an operator.

I guess that is enough ranting.

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