Friday, September 26, 2008

Where Are You Getting Your Food From?

Back to money saving, have you tried the Angel Food Ministries? You can find there website here: You can go here and look at there menu. They have really good packages, you order by about the 10th of the month and pick up on a Saturday toward the end of the month. I confess I did not buy any this month. However I did last month and felt like it saved me quite a bit in money spend on groceries. The food is either donated or bought at low prices in order to get it to families who need to save money. It is not free, you do have to pay but the price seems reasonable. You do not have to be a low income family in order to get food. The main package is set up to feed a family of 4 for 1 week. I really like the meat you get in the main package, plus they usually have a grilling package. You can order online or at the church. You also don't have to worry about them bugging you about going to church there. They didn't even ask me if I went to church at all. They were very nice. The pick up is at the church. On the website you can search for locations in you area and see the menu for the month. I am putting this out there because no one told me about it, and I had no idea. I told my friend up the road and she said oh yea I get food there all the time. I told her thanks for passing it along.
I learned about this when we went to my friends wedding a couple of months ago. She gets it and I had never heard about it but had seen the signs and just assumed it was for low income families. She set me right in the thinking and showed me the menu for that month.
We have changed the way we buy groceries anyways. We are starting to go to Save-a-Lot. Seems to have good canned goods and the meat is cheaper. They run deals of 5 for 19.95 on the meat. You don't see that at Walmart. We will continue buying from the Angel Food Ministries and Save-a-Lot even after the economy gets better, or if that ever happens.


Birdie said...

just found out about this last week! The preschool I work at does it and my director told me I should check it out. It's a great resource for families or for donating groceries to families that can't afford any.

Jennifer said...

This is a very good tip! You can save a lot of money by purchasing Angel Food.

However, DO NOT buy food from them for the first time if you are having morning sickness! I did, and something in the package made me feel sick to my tummy, so I haven't bought anything from them since. Thinking about it just brings back lots of pregnancy memories.