Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Short Trips

I had a last minute chance to go to St. Augustine Florida. We picked up and headed out. I spent apart of Friday trying to find someone to go with us. I did, my friend Margaret and her son went with us (Christopher and I). You ask why did you not take your husband and the baby? Mikie had to work on Monday and Zack does not like to travel. We did have a good time. We spent a little time on the beach and got burnt. But all in all we had a good time. In case you didn't already know St. Augustine, Fl is the oldest city in the United States. They have the first fort, school, house, church, jail, and fountain of youth there. We did not have the time or money to explore everything but we did get out to the fort. I was very cheap to get in and they shoot off a real cannon several times a day there. Really worth seeing.

While I was gone Zack has started pulling up on stuff and standing. Just think he will be walking soon. Such a fun time now. He does have surgery on Thursday. We are hoping it goes well and they do no have to do it again.
I will get some pick of us at the beach soon.


tina said...

Best wishes to Zack.

Lisa said...

Thinking of Zack! WTG, pulling up to a stand!! :)

Glad you had fun in Flordia!