Friday, October 3, 2008

3 Part Series On Zack's Hypospadias & Hydrocels, Part 1

I wanted to do a series about finding out about the byposadias and hyrocele so if some mother had just been told that her child has one of these maybe she will find my blog and know what to expect.
About 2 weeks before Zack was born, I check out at the doctors office with the ultra sound lady. She said she wanted to check to make sure she had the sex correct. Said she had one born the other day she was wrong on. She took a very long time I thought to let me know he was still a boy. The next week when I saw my doctor he said the baby had a hydrocele. It wasn't a big deal but just tell his doctor about it. I started freaking out about it. I asked everyone I knew about it and no one had heard about it. I was not blogging or reading blogs back then so I didn't get help there either. I did not know how to spell it so when I tried Web MD I could not find it. I finally called the doctor's office and he called me around 8.:30 or 9 that night to talk to me about it. He told me that it was fluid built up around the testicles. Usually wasn't anything to be worried about, should go away on its own if not they could do a small surgery to fix it. I felt alot better about it afterwards. Our doctor is a real down to earth kinda guy, of course he is quiting and we have to find a new doctor now.
The next week I had my C-section. He came out and his hydrocele was the biggest any of them had ever seen. They took him over cleaned him up and then I got to hold him a minute. Then they took him off to the nursery. I make Mikie stay with him. They noticed he also had a hypospadias. His scrotum was so large they took a light up to it to see if they could see his testicles. They could not. The fluid looked rather red. So they decided to do an ultrasound on them to make sure his testicles were ok.The specialist told Mikie that if his testicles were tangles it would kill him. All this right after I got my tubes tied. So I kinda freaked out about this to. They did the ultra sound and said everything was fine. The doctor came in to tell us about it and then to let us know about the hypospadias. Hypospadias is where the tube that carries your urine out of the body is somewhere along the bottom part of the penis instead of at the tip. Zack's was not really bad, it was just below the head. Since the tube come out lower than where it's suppose to it makes the penis bend down at the tip. They would fix all of this at Vanderbilt.
I wanted to give you some stats on the amount of babies born with these conditions. Hydroceles occur in 1 or 2 out of 100 births. Hypospadias occur 1 out of 250 births.


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Hi there. Thanks for dropping in. What a scary thing to happen when your son was born! Glad to hear things are ok now - at least guessing that from what I read so far!

Anonymous said...

Interesting- Waiting on Part 2. Sweet of you to want to help others.

BTW- I would love to get the info on the idea you left on my blog. Email addy is if you want to send it to me that way.


crazy working mom said...

Thanks for the tip about baby oil for my daughter's cradle cap.
I can only imagine your horror during this time!!! I'm glad everything turned out okay for you all.

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