Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Painful Night

Zack is teething again. Now he is getting in his top two front teeth. Two at a time is so hard on him. Last time was not near as bad. Mikie had to go and get him from daycare because he was so needed she couldn't put him down. She had to hold him and when he fell asleep she would try to put him down and he would wake up and cry. He is usually such a good baby. Last night he woke up at 11. I had been asleep since 9 but Mikie was up watching the football game. Mikie said he had woken up a couple of times and would go back to sleep. I got up and checked on him and he was wet. I got him up changed his diaper and let mikie put fresh clothes on him. He felt a little hot. I searched for the Tylenol and gave it to him then he threw up. Another change of clothes, changed his bed and then after hunting for the screw driver to change the battery in the bouncy seat finally got him to sleep in it next to our bed.That is when I started hurting. I felt like I really had to pee but wouldn't get anything. Then my back really started hurting. Then I threw up. This whole time Mikie is sleeping away. My back was killing my by then, felt like someone was branding me with a hot iron. I go in the bedroom and ask if Mikie wants to take me to the ER or let my mom take me. He said "take a pain killer and lay back down". I said I don't think that will help it. I call my mom to take me. While I was waiting for her I threw up again. This time Mikie came out of the bedroom to see what was going on. I finally get in the car we go down the road about 10 miles and the pain goes away. I still went to the hospital to find out what it was. They said I probably pasted a Kidney Stone. Whoa, They are very painful. Most people take a couple of days to pass them.
My granny is also in the hospital because she is not passing fluid like she should. They also discovered she was low on blood and gave her 2 pints. They are running test on her to try and find out what is wrong. I went to visit her yesterday after work and that was the first time my back started hurting. But it soon quit after a few minutes.
I must say something about Christopher, he is doing fairly good in school. He gets in trouble just a little. He was such a good sleeper last night. He never wakes up when Zack gets up. He is now sleeping with only a nightmare here and there.


tina said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Sarah said...

I feel fine now. Just tired from loosing my sleep last night. Thanks

Dawn said...

Whoa, what a time!